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Join ONLYOFFICE affiliate program and get 50% commission during first three months

Already use ONLYOFFICE to edit docs and collaborate? How about using ONLYOFFICE to make some money? You are welcome to join our affiliate program.

Two ONLYOFFICE macros: highlight duplicates and go to the next empty row

Our users asked us how to recreate some VBA macros they were using in Excel. In this post, we’ll show how to do it on two simple examples.

Plugin to fill cells with color and turn your worksheet into an image

Hello! The cell colorizer plugin fills cells with color to display images in spreadsheets. One of our engineers created it just for fun and explained the development process. We hope that this example will inspire you to create your own … Read more

How to install ONLYOFFICE desktop editors on Zorin OS

If you use this beautiful and user-friendly Linux distro, you can easily install ONLYOFFICE desktop editors using snap.

ONLYOFFICE in the City of Hopewell

During the pandemic, Hopewell, Virginia adopted ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition to enable remote work for 500 government employees, including police, municipal workers, government officials, and others. If you want to learn more about Hopewell officials’ experience with ONLYOFFICE, just continue reading.