ONLYOFFICE Docs 6.4 for developers: WOPI support and API updates

8 September 2021By Nadya

The newest version of ONLYOFFICE editors brings easier integration and more ways to customize the editors and adjust collaboration processes to your needs.

ONLYOFFICE Docs 6.4 for developers: WOPI support and API updates

WOPI support

The biggest update of version 6.4 is Web Application Open Platform Interface (WOPI) protocol support. It standardizes the integration allowing developers to easily enable office document editing and co-editing within their solutions. Check out our official documentation

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Setting a default interface theme

There’s a new parameter customization.uiTheme that allows you to set a default theme for the editors — light or dark:

"customization": {
        "uiTheme": "default-dark",
        ...    },

To set Classic Light as default, use the id default-light. To enable Light theme, use the id theme-light.

The parameter works until users set the interface theme themselves.

Setting the default co-editing mode

You can set the default co-editing mode for the editors and specify whether or not users can change it. Use the editorConfig.coEditing parameter:

"coEditing ": {
       “mode”: "fast"/"strict", //choose the co-editing mode
       “change”: true/false     //specify whether it can be changed

Just to remind:

  • Fast mode means that you see all the changes in real-time as your co-author is typing.
  • Strict mode means that you lock the document abstract you are working on, and no one can see what you are typing until you hit save.

Learn more about the co-editing modes in this post.

Restricting access to commenting

Users can be divided into groups with different permissions to view, edit, and delete comments.

To implement it, use the parameter permissions.commentGroups in the editors’ config. You can specify rights for viewing, editing, and deleting comments. For example:

commentGroups :
     view: ["Group2", ""],
     edit: ["Group2"] ,
     remove: [""]

This means that the current user:

  • belongs to Group 2,
  • can view and edit comments left by Group 2 users and users with no group,
  • can delete comments left by users without a group.

If you don’t set view, edit, and delete permissions, users will be able to view, edit, and remove any comments.

Other updates

  • The customization.hideNotes parameter to hide notes in presentations.
  • The requestClose method for the request to close the editor. If there are unsaved changes, the user will see a warning dialog, otherwise, the onRequestClose event will be dispatched.
  • The onPluginsReady event when all the plugins are loaded.
  • New methods and properties for ApiRange in apiBuilder.

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