ONLYOFFICE connector now supports ownCloud Web

2 August 2021By Nadya

Great news everyone!

Version 7.1.1 of ONLYOFFICE connector supports the new Web interface for one of the best sync&share solutions ever.

ONLYOFFICE connector now supports ownCloud Web

What is ownCloud Web

ownCloud Web is a single-page standalone frontend based on modern web technologies.

ownCloud Web was made to match the speed and scalability of the upcoming ownCloud Infinite Scale, but you can use it together with version 10.6.

At the moment you can bring the new interface to your server installing the extension from the official marketplace or compiling it from source code.

ONLYOFFICE connector now supports ownCloud Web

Using ONLYOFFICE with ownCloud Web

The connector for ownCloud Web is built into the official ONLYOFFICE ownCloud integration app.

To enable editing documents within ownCloud web, register the connector in the ownCloud Web config.json:

  • If you installed ownCloud Web from the marketplace, the path is <owncloud-root-catalog>/config/config.json
  • If you compiled it from source code yourself using this instruction, the path is <owncloud-web-root-catalog>/config/config.json.

To register the connector, use these lines:

"external_apps": [
"id": "onlyoffice",
"path": "http(s):///custom/onlyoffice/js/web/onlyoffice.js",

If you want to compile the connector for ownCloud Web yourself, see instructions on GitHub.

What else is new

There are other cool features in this version ONLYOFFICE-ownCloud connector:

  • Use mentions in comments. It’s now possible to address your comments to specific users by typing + or @.
  • Mark files as favorites. Click the star icon on the top right toolbar to add files to Favorites for quick access.
  • Create new files right from the editors. You can create a blank document or use one of your templates. Just go to the File tab and choose the Create new option.
  • Convert files and download them in the format of your choice using the file context menu.
  • Download templates you use for document creation. You can do it on the Settings page.
  • Share links to the specific place in your document. You will need to create a bookmark and then copy a link to it. Bookmarks are available on the References tab.

Ready to install the new version of the connector?

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