Create a secure collaborative environment on your Windows server with ONLYOFFICE DocSpace

28 September 2023By Sergey

Not long ago, we announced the launch of the self-hosted version of ONLYOFFICE DocSpace, our newest platform for secure document collaboration. Today we are happy to deliver good news — DocSpace is now available for local deployment on Windows servers. Read this post to find out more.

Create a secure collaborative environment on your Windows server with ONLYOFFICE DocSpace


ONLYOFFICE DocSpace is an open-source collaborative platform that is available for deployment in the cloud or on local servers. It lets users edit and collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms in customizable rooms.

DocSpace is built on top of the ONLYOFFICE suite and offers professional editing tools with real-time document editing capabilities, chat communication, audio and video calls via Jitsi, and an integrated AI assistant allowing users to generate texts, look up information, extract keywords, translate phrases and find synonyms while working on documents.

In ONLYOFFICE DocSpace, collaboration takes place inside rooms where various levels of access permissions can be granted to users to streamline the collaboration process, with specific roles including room admins, power users, editors, viewers, commenters, reviewers, and form fillers. Various security tools make sure that your data is always safe when you collaborate with others.

Moreover, ONLYOFFICE DocSpace offers special developers tools which make it possible to embed the entire platform, single rooms or folders into a single-page application (SPA).

Create a secure collaborative environment on your Windows server with ONLYOFFICE DocSpace

Read this detailed guide or watch our YouTube playlist to learn the fundamentals of mastering ONLYOFFICE DocSpace and find out how it works.

ONLYOFFICE DocSpace for Windows servers

Starting from now, the self-hosted DocSpace can also be deployed on Windows servers. If you are running Microsoft Windows Server 2016 (R2) or later versions, you can install the platform on your machine and enjoy all the benefits and advantages of the self-hosted version, including full control over your data, branding and customization options, a lifetime license and more.

If you want to know what makes the on-premises DocSpace different from the cloud-based version, please refer to this article in our blog.

How to get started

To start using ONLYOFFICE DocSpace for Windows servers:

  1. Download the corresponding package from our website.
  2. Install and configure the platform according to these instructions in our Help Center.
  3. Activate your license if you purchased a commercial package.
  4. Log in and start collaborating in DocSpace rooms.

Get self-hosted DocSpace for Windows right now:


For more information about the current pricing and available support levels, please visit this page on our website.