Official ONLYOFFICE connector for Confluence Cloud released

1 June 2023By Vlad

ONLYOFFICE has been providing professional document editing for the self-hosted Confluence installations since 2017. From now on, you can integrate our online editors in the cloud version of Confluence. Learn how in this article.

Official ONLYOFFICE connector for Confluence Cloud released

What is Confluence Cloud?

Confluence Cloud is a web-based productivity tool that allows users to create, share, and collaborate on documents and other content in a shared workspace.

It is designed to bring people, knowledge, and ideas together in one place so that teams can work together more efficiently and effectively.

Confluence Cloud offers free, standard, and premium plans for teams with different needs, with each plan offering different features and functionality for different stages of business.

Official ONLYOFFICE connector for Confluence Cloud released
Source: Atlassian

How to use ONLYOFFICE Docs within Confluence?

You can attach files in the Pages module of your Confluence account. Should they be office documents supported by ONLYOFFICE, you’ll see the ‘Edit in ONLYOFFICE’ option in the context menu.

The first version of the connector supports the fundamental ONLYOFFICE Docs features:

  • Editing and collaboration on text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX)
  • Viewing PDF, ODF and office files of other formats
  • Real-time collaboration in Fast and Strict modes
  • Tracking changes, comments, built-in chat

In the upcoming releases, the connector will obtain more features, including those available in the integration app for the on-premise version of Confluence: creating office files, work with fillable forms (OFORM and DOCXF), connection to desktop editors etc.

Official ONLYOFFICE connector for Confluence Cloud released

Integrating ONLYOFFICE Docs Cloud with Confluence

To enable office file editing in Confluence Cloud, you need ONLYOFFICE Docs (SaaS or on-premises) and the official connector on Atlassian Marketplace.


When you’re all set, configure the integration app. Go to Apps -> Manage Apps -> Confluence cloud ONLYOFFICE integration app -> Configure.

Set up the following on the configuration page:

  • Document editing service address (URL of your ONLYOFFICE Docs instance)
  • Secret key (protects files from unauthorized access — learn more in our API)
  • JWT Header

After these steps are complete, editing office files in Confluence Cloud will become fast and straightforward. Get the official connector on GitHub or Atlassian Marketplace to test the integration yourself!