ONLYOFFICE Christmas Gift Hunt: Congrats to the raffle winners

27 December 2022By Ksenija

In the beginning of December, we launched Christmas contests and announced a big raffle. It’s time to get to know who will get the prizes. Are you excited as we are? Let’s go!

ONLYOFFICE Christmas Gift Hunt: Congrats to the raffle winners

Lucky winners

To choose the winners of the final Christmas raffle, we used the Wheel of Names randomizer. Participants who sent to us more than one completed task, were listed several times (depending on the number of completed tasks).

We span the wheel 5 times since there are 5 main prizes. Prizes are assigned in the order of the prizes list specified in this blog post.

You can see the raffle process in a brief below:

ONLYOFFICE Christmas Gift Hunt: Congrats to the raffle winners

And here are the lucky winners:

  1. Lucas Italiano gets Murena One smartphone.
  2. Arianna Arona gets DeskMini UM350 x Manjaro Linux.
  3. Lenz gets a branded thermo mug.
  4. ZaZa gets a branded thermo mug.
  5. Angelic_Mew gets a branded thermo mug.

Congratulations! We will contact the winners via email to discuss the prize delivery details.

Special prizes

Our 4th contest turned out to be the toughest. Only two participants (with the nicknames Traktor and Alexz25) were able to guess all the countries* where ONLYOFFICE team is ready to greet Santa. So, we decided to give branded thermo mugs to these participants as well.

*The right answers are the following: 1-Germany, 2-Italy, 3-Uzbekistan, 4-Armenia, 5-United States, 6-Georgia, 7-Japan, 8-Thailand, and 9-Brazil.

What else, several participants who took part in all four contests will get a free Home Server license. Thanks for your engagement!

Happy Holidays!

Thank you so much for participation! We hope you enjoyed our gift hunt and it helped you boost your festive mood throughout December.

We are sending our warmest wishes to all of you!