Deploy ONLYOFFICE Docs on React, Angular and Vue

19 October 2022By Ksenija

We released framework components which you can use to easily deploy our online editors within React, Angular and Vue environments. Read on to learn the details.

Deploy ONLYOFFICE Docs on React, Angular and Vue

Seamless framework integration

From now on, you can easily integrate ONLYOFFICE Docs (Document Server) with your service or platform based on React, Angular and Vue. Thanks to the newly released components for each of the listed frameworks you can install and test how our online editors will be working within your environment with less effort.

How to start

The framework components are available in the npm Registry:

To install the components from npm, run the following commands for the corresponding frameworks:

npm install --save @onlyoffice/document-editor-react

npm install --save @onlyoffice/document-editor-angular

npm install --save @onlyoffice/document-editor-vue

Installation using yarn command is also possible. Besides, there you will find all the needed instructions on usage and development.

npm is a package manager for the JavaScript programming language. The npm Registry contains a collection of open-source packages that can be installed and used by any developer or organization. By the way, we also host our connector for Strapi there.