How Korczak-Haus Freiburg for children with special educational needs uses ONLYOFFICE cloud

10 August 2022By Ksenija

Korczak-Haus Freiburg from Germany implemented ONLYOFFICE Workspace in the cloud to support teachers and staff with managing office tasks and paperwork. Lea Stauss, a remedial teacher, talks about their school experience.

How Korczak-Haus Freiburg for children with special educational needs uses ONLYOFFICE cloud

About Korczak-Haus Freiburg

Korczak-Haus Freiburg is an institution that combines a school for children with severe disabilities, a special kindergarten and a family support service which provides assistance on weekends, holidays, evenings or whenever families might need it. Last year the institution celebrated its 50th anniversary!

Korczak-Haus Freiburg is run by an association of parents. 48 children attend school and kindergarten and are being taught and looked after by the staff of special needs teachers, remedial teachers and physiotherapists.

How Korczak-Haus Freiburg for children with special educational needs uses ONLYOFFICE cloud
Korczak-Haus Freiburg. Image source:

Looking for office software

The primary job of the Korczak-Haus Freiburg employees is to look after the kids but, of course, there is also a lot of paperwork to be done.

As Lea Stauss recalls, for some time they were looking for a possibility to deal with such office tasks more efficiently and facilitate communication between staff members. Their IT technician Mr. Meier helped with searching for an appropriate solution and last year they opted for ONLYOFFICE Workspace in the cloud (which is provided for free for schools as a part of our support program for education). All staff members agree that ONLYOFFICE offers all the features they were looking for.

Most needed features

According to Lea Stauss, they use the Documents, People, and Mail modules most of all.

  • Working on a document with several people or sharing it makes work much easier and communication more efficient.
  • Documents which are needed by everyone among the staff can now be found in the shared folder, making sure they are all using the same file version.
  • Important information can easily be shared with all the colleagues.

Lea Stauss, a remedial teacher at Korczak-Haus Freiburg:

It is very important for me to be able to share documents in an easy and efficient way. Another great feature is being able to have access to all the necessary forms and data whenever I need it.

Promising plans

Ms. Stauss says that at the moment they are still in the stage of moving all office work in the cloud, and most staff members are already quite proficient in using it. At the end of July, the annual reports were written for all children using ONLYOFFICE. This means that at least three people (teachers, caregivers and physiotherapists) were collaborating on a report for each child.

Having made some experiences so far, we would recommend ONLYOFFICE to new users who need a solution which is not too complicated to get started with. We always had all the support we needed by ONLYOFFICE!