ONLYOFFICE integrates Doc2md: convert documents to markdown

31 May 2022By Elena

Excellent news!

The integration of Doc2md to ONLYOFFICE Docs provides users with new tool to easily export a text doc to Markdown. Read on for more information.

ONLYOFFICE integrates Doc2md: convert documents to markdown

About Doc2md

Doc2md is a lightweight docstring to Markdown converter. This free open-source utility extracts docstrings from a module or class and throws them into a simple GitHub Flavoured Markdown document, quickly generating files.

This add-on was created by Thomas Gläßle, a physicist, enthusiast programmer and free software cultist. Docs to Markdown is helpful for teams that want to use Document Editor for the collaboration features, but also need Markdown-formatted plain text to publish to a website.

Why Doc2md

Apart from the fact that use of Doc to Markdown is the easiest way to quickly export docstrings and get a markdown file, the plugin has other advantages for users:

  • Ability to convert a large document or just a small part of it without any manual work.
  • Enjoy automatic formatting for links, tables, lists, spelling correction, and capitalization of words.
  • Collaborate on the same input with your colleagues and share results.

How to use the plugin

The plugin integrates Doc2md service in ONLYOFFICE Docs, so you don’t need to leave the editor and launch any additional applications.

  • Open up a document in the Document Editor.
  • Select Doc2md on the Plugins tab.

ONLYOFFICE integrates Doc2md: convert documents to markdown

  • Choose only a part of the document if you want to convert the exact selection. Otherwise, the entire document will be converted.
  • Use the Markdown or HTML buttons in the sidebar window to export your document to either Markdown or HTML. After you select the convert option, the formatted version of your document will appear in a sidebar.

ONLYOFFICE integrates Doc2md: convert documents to markdown

  • Copy and paste the content into another application. Close the sidebar when you finish.

The add-on is specific when it comes to syntax, and there’s no way to customize how the add-on outputs text to Markdown.

How to install new plugin

For now, Doc2md can be added to ONLYOFFICE editors manually. Check our complete guides to be able to install it to server solutions, to your desktop app or add it as a browser extension.