All ONLYOFFICE updates in 2021

21 December 2021By Vlad

Have you missed our major releases this year? Get updated to reveal the latest ONLYOFFICE features!

All ONLYOFFICE updates in 2021

Сloud updates

All ONLYOFFICE updates in 2021

ONLYOFFICE wins gold at the Cloud Computing Insider Awards 2021 in the category File Sharing & Collaboration.

ONLYOFFICE Workspace 11.5 with restoring entire portals, updated Elasticsearch, SSO and LDAP.

Secure web office for large enterprises hosted on a dedicated server in Hertzner datacenter (Germany) and maintained by an ONLYOFFICE manager.

Cloud version of ONLYOFFICE Docs is available for pre-order.

Deployment on Alibaba Cloud — ONLYOFFICE Docs and Workspace appeared on the official Alibaba marketplace.

Free ONLYOFFICE Personal with faster performance and updated localization.


Latest editing features

All ONLYOFFICE updates in 2021

Three updates of ONLYOFFICE Docs have brought long-awaited features. Here are just some of them.

Text documents:

  • Table of figures
  • Text to table/Table to text conversion
  • Support of XML, HTML, EPUB, FB2
  • Automatic capitalization of first letters in sentences


  • Conditional formatting
  • Data validation
  • Slicers
  • Data import from CSV and TXT
  • Custom number formats


  • Transparency settings
  • Hiding notes panel

All editors:

  • Enhanced spell-checking
  • Hints for writing macros
  • Adding files to Favorites


The new plugins for ONLYOFFICE Docs extend editing capabilities:


Visit our App Directory to check all plugins.

Get ONLYOFFICE Docs today in the cloud or host online editors on-premise.


We also updated API and released WOPI support for developers.


Enhanced team collaboration

All ONLYOFFICE updates in 2021
We powered up ONLYOFFICE Docs with a few handy collaborative features.

Smooth comments management — resolve and delete all comments in an abstract or the entire document.

Version history for presentations to restore previous versions of slideshows.

Names for anonymous users. Guests can introduce themselves in a document.


Improved document security

This year, ONLYOFFICE Docs obtained two significant features for document protection and authenticity.

Password protection for documents online and in the desktop app.

Digital signatures to protect data integrity in transit.


New integrations

All ONLYOFFICE updates in 2021

ONLYOFFICE Docs provides online editing within even more cloud services:

The existing connectors also got updated:

Find where you need document editing in the full list of ONLYOFFICE connectors.


New mobile apps (iOS / Android)

All ONLYOFFICE updates in 2021

Free ONLYOFFICE applications are available for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.

Projects for Android. Track your tasks, milestones, and team performance on Android devices.

Documents for Android. Reviewing, commenting, kDrive integration, SSO, and more.

Documents for iOS. Editing documents from OneDrive and kDrive.


Whats beyond?

In January 2022, we host a live presentation of ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.0 with cool features. Register today — don’t miss the first big ONLYOFFICE event in 2022:



We’re excited to meet you after the holidays. Merry Christmas and happy New year!