Paris will always be Paris: ONLYOFFICE adjusts to new realities at the Digital Workplace conference

12 October 2020By Mary

In spite of all the obstacles in the way, ONLYOFFICE has participated in the Digital Workplace conference which took place from 22 to 24 September in Paris. Read this article for more details about our new experience of combining face-to-face and online activities.

Paris sera toujours Paris : ONLYOFFICE s’adapte aux nouvelles réalités lors du salon de la Digital Workplace

Together we go further

This situation of pandemic showed us how important it is to have reliable partners. Many thanks to the Full IP Solutions team! Equipped with face masks and motivated, they were presenting ONLYOFFICE solutions to all the visitors at our nice booth.

Paris sera toujours Paris : ONLYOFFICE s’adapte aux nouvelles réalités lors du salon de la Digital Workplace

Data sovereignty was the watchword of the conference. Thus, the listing of ONLYOFFICE Workspace on the OVHcloud Marketplace was perfectly in line with the main topic. The ONLYOFFICE tools had a broad appeal and interest among our booth’s visitors. It was a great opportunity to meet our French technological partners with whom we already have nice integrations such as CEO-Vision, Jalios, Jamespot, GoFast.

In the picture below, Roberto Correnti (Co-founder & CTO, FIPS) and Samir Messaoudi (Sales Director, FIPS) are discussing new ONLYOFFICE products with Olga Dernovaya, Marketing & Change Management at CEO-Vision. For more details about our cooperation with CEO-Vision, read this article.

Paris sera toujours Paris : ONLYOFFICE s’adapte aux nouvelles réalités lors du salon de la Digital Workplace

We were as well very pleased to meet French software developers such as MagiLeads, Alfeo Knowledge Management, Watcha, Whaller, and others. We hope that these web services will complete the list of our integrations!

Online workshop: first successful experience

Presentations, round tables, workshops – all these professional meetings were also held in a new digital format. To gather a larger number of participants, we have decided to run a remote workshop via videoconference. In this way, the attendees of the conference, as well as the spectators from over the world connected online, could join us.

Paris sera toujours Paris : ONLYOFFICE s’adapte aux nouvelles réalités lors du salon de la Digital Workplace

Watch the replay of our workshop “How ONLYOFFICE streamlines collaboration and improves workflow: best practices for deployment of collaborative environments based on ONLYOFFICE and new product offers” hosted by Evgenia Olshanskaja (Head of Customer Services, ONLYOFFICE):

Questions and answers

Let’s have a look at what interested people the most at the Digital Workplace conference:

Q: Does ONLYOFFICE allow organizing an efficient interaction between students and teachers? Do they use Talk, Mail, and other online collaboration tools?
A: The ONLYOFFICE is widely used by universities and high schools in France and beyond. Available anywhere and on all devices, this comprehensive office suite has become a basic instrument that students, teachers, administrative staff use every day to share files, edit and collaborate on documents, communicate, assign tasks, etc. We have published in our blog the series of articles about ONLYOFFICE solutions deployed in European universities. You can also watch the use cases of the Institute of Biology of Lille and the University Grenoble Alpes presented in the margins of our digital conference for French universities.

Q: Is an author of a document able to set different access levels for collaborators?
A: Yes, ONLYOFFICE provides you with flexible access rights management: full access, read-only, review, comment, modify filter. You can set individual permissions or provide access to a whole group in one click.

Q: What happens when I send ONLYOFFICE documents to my colleagues using Microsoft Office, Google Docs, iWork?
A: Our core format is Office Open XML what ensures full compatibility with MS Office and other popular office suites. If you are using these suites, you won’t have any issues with opening, editing, and saving your documents created with ONLYOFFICE.

Q: Does ONLYOFFICE offer mobile apps for iOS and Android? Do mobile web editors share the same functionality?
A: Yes, ONLYOFFICE offers native apps for iOS and Android which are totally free of charge, ad-free, and don’t offer any in-app purchases. The core purpose of mobile apps and web editors is the same: viewing, editing, and collaborating on documents from mobile devices. But the range of available tools is not exactly the same: at the moment, the web editors are more complete than their in-app alternatives. For example, some features such as spell checking, adding column breaks, inserting footnotes, and slide parameter setting are not yet available in the iOS app, while they are fully supported in the web. For more details, refer to this article.

And of course the most popular question: Why choose ONLYOFFICE?

Samir Messoudi explains:

For a few months now I have been using ONLYOFFICE, and I have to say that I see a great potential of using this open-source collaborative suite. I love the idea of being independent from the giants like GAFAM and/or BATX. With this solution, developed in Riga, this utopia of creating a European giant, a solid alternative to MS Office 365, LibreOffice, Google Docs, becomes real. I highly recommend all my relatives, friends, ex-colleagues to try the community version of ONLYOFFICE which ensures smooth user experience and offers a wide range of tools.