ONLYOFFICE Private Rooms: the ultimate security of document collaboration

16 October 2020By Sergey

Concerned about the safety of your confidential information and want to work or collaborate on your documents securely? We have good news for you! Meet ONLYOFFICE Private Rooms where every symbol you type is encrypted. Keep reading for more details.

ONLYOFFICE Private Rooms: the ultimate security of document collaboration

What are Private Rooms?

To help protect companies’ sensitive information, ONLYOFFICE provides end-to-end encryption of documents, spreadsheets and presentations via the Private Room feature.

Private Rooms are protected workplaces where every symbol you type is encrypted using the unbreakable AES-256 algorithm, even if you are co-editing documents with your teammates in real-time.

Storing and managing documents in the Private Rooms

Why ONLYOFFICE Private Rooms

We believe that there are four aspects of good document encryption: true end-to-end, reliable encryption scrutiny, user-friendliness and chance to prove the claims. So far, no one has come up with all four in one solution except ONLYOFFICE:

  • True end-to-end encryption. Unlike other cloud services/virtual rooms that provide strong file encryption, even with unbreakable AES-256, but don’t offer any integrated editing tools, ONLYOFFICE allows for secure document editing and collaboration with true end-to-end encryption. In Private Rooms, all data is encrypted locally on the machine and transferred to the server in an encrypted form.
  • Secure sharing and co-editing. ONLYOFFICE allows you not only to encrypt your documents to store them but also to securely share and even co-edit them in real time with your teammates. All the documents you work with in Private Rooms are encrypted once created or uploaded. And all inputs made by co-authors including objects, images, etc. are encrypted on one end, transferred to the server in an encrypted form and then decrypted on the other.

    The encryption data is automatically generated and transferred and is encrypted itself – forget about unsafe sharing. And you don’t have to keep or remember a single password.

  • Familiar experience. Private Rooms don’t require any extra components or additional registration to create a new encryption entity. Using this feature, you get the same seamless experience that you are used to. No extra moves whatsoever: just log in and start working right away. In fact, there is no difference between casually editing and collaborating on your documents and working in the encrypted mode.
  • Open-source code. In ONLYOFFICE, the source code is open for everyone to examine it and understand how all this works on the background. You can study the code yourself or have someone do it for you to make sure there are no backdoors.

How to get started with Private Rooms

Step 1. Deploy the latest version of the bundle — ONLYOFFICE Workspace (Community Edition or Enterprise edition).

Step 2. Private Rooms are enabled by default. If not, you can enable this feature in the Control Panel.

Step 3. Install the latest version of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors.


Step 4. Connect the desktop application to the ONLYOFFICE cloud in the Connect to cloud section.

Step 5. Go to the Private Room section and start editing and co-editing your documents in a private and secure environment.

What you can and can’t do in Private Rooms

To make sure your data is safe, some actions are restricted in Private Rooms.

✔ create folders ⊗ copy files
✔ create and upload files (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) ⊗ move shared files
✔ delete files permanently ⊗ move files outside the Private room
✔ move files within the section ⊗ share files with users without encryption credentials
✔ share documents with other portal users ⊗ upload folders
✔ co-edit documents ⊗ overwrite files by moving or uploading
⊗ restore file versions

Learn more about Private Rooms and other ONLYOFFICE updates

We are happy to invite you to ONLYOFFICE WebWeek 2020 — a series of online presentations, workshops, and social media activities to introduce big updates in the ONLYOFFICE product line on October 15 – 22. Learn about the event

The video presentation of ONLYOFFICE security features is already available.