How ONLYOFFICE helps organize music festivals in Germany

6 August 2020By Ksenija

For several years in a row, the organizers of the German music festival “Kommen und Gehen” have been using ONLYOFFICE cloud to coordinate their preparation activities. In this article, Hans Narva, cultural manager, talks about his team’s experience.

ONLYOFFICE and Kommen und Gehen music festival

About the music festival

Kommen & Gehen is a German classical music festival held in the Oberlausitz region. However, it is not devoted to classical music only. Meetings and creative collaborations between musicians of different styles, learning of the regional cultural heritage, various workshops and cooperation with cultural and educational institutions in the region offer more than just a concert experience.

In 2020, the Kommen & Gehen festival will be held on 14 – 22 August.


A few years ago Hans Narva came across ONLYOFFICE while seeking for a online office for his team and was pleasantly surprised with the available functionality and ease of use.

As a music festival, Kommen & Gehen does not need to follow any special safety or compliance regulations. Anyway, ONLYOFFICE offers everything the organizers need for an effective team workflow.

It’s a good management program! With ONLYOFFICE, you can keep an eye on every problem.

Most needed features

The Kommen & Gehen staff finds the following ONLYOFFICE features most useful:

  1. calendars used for appointments,
  2. collaborative work on documents,
  3. assignment of team members and their roles to different projects.

It’s really very convenient to be able to work in different folders with multiple team members at the same time.

Hans Narva would definitely recommend ONLYOFFICE to other users and organizations. And even more: the educational project “Lanterna Futuri” and the sociocultural project “Hillersche Villa” are already using ONLYOFFICE at the suggestion of Kommen & Gehen.

Useful links

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The Kommen & Gehen organization has a non-profit status which means they are using ONLYOFFICE cloud service free of charge. If you want to learn more about our program for non-profits, visit this page.

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