ONLYOFFICE plugins: call for developers

6 July 2020By Ksenija

Celebrating a decade of ONLYOFFICE, we are launching a contest for developers. Help us create useful plugins for ONLYOFFICE editors and get awesome rewards. Read this post to learn more.

Using API to create plugins

ONLYOFFICE API allows creating plugins for editors that enhance the functionality or connect ONLYOFFICE to various third-party services. Over the years, we have built a collection of tiny built-in apps for creating richer content (like YouTube and Photo Editor), improving work with texts (Translator, Thesaurus), connecting to reference management services (Zotero, Mendeley, EasyBib), to name a few.

Now it’s your turn! We are giving you a chance to create own plugins for ONLYOFFICE editors that can enhance the experience of millions, sure enough for a fair reward.

Plugins in demand

Feel free to suggest own ideas for plugins that in your opinion can bring added value to editing in ONLYOFFICE. We also encourage you to take a look at the list of the most popular ideas suggested by our community:

  • Grammar tool. Checking grammar, spelling and style, getting phrase suggestions, checking plagiarism. Check out the list of open-source grammar services on to see examples.
  • Calculator. Easier calculations with a basic calculator tool at hand.
    Timer/Stopwatch. Time management functionality to track time, evaluate and improve performance.
  • SEMrush. Writing Assistant for SEO analysis that works with SEMrush service and allows to analyze text readability, keywords, plagiarism, etc.
  • Typography. A tool for correcting the unintentional formatting of the text (extra spaces, commas, etc.).
  • Voice typing. Typing the text with voice with a third-party service like Speakd or any other.
  • gd2md-html/Preview Markdown. Converting texts in the document to Markdown and HTML to preview the result before using them. Check out Docs to Markdown plugin for Google Docs.
  • Video conferencing. Making voice and video calls from the editor to enhance co-editing with live communication.
  • OCR. Recognizing text from images and creating document content from it. A good and assumingly easy example suggested by one of our users is Tesseract OCR.
How to participate

If your feel ready for action, do not hesitate and drop us an email at Please tell us your name and describe your own dream plugin or how you are planning to develop one of the above listed ideas.

Working more closely with our community has the greatest value for us. Our team will be happy to assist you all the way through the task. May you have any immediate questions about the plugin creation contest, leave us a comment below this post.

If you are not a developer, but have something worthy in mind, you are still welcome to contribute to this list. One day, someone may bring it to life.

What you get

Once you create a plugin for ONLYOFFICE, either from your own idea or from the list above, feel free to claim your reward by dropping us an email at

Choose from:

  1. Free ONLYOFFICE Home Server.
  2. A year of ONLYOFFICE cloud service for 1000 users with 20GB disk space.
  3. A generous discount* on ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition, ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition and ONLYOFFICE Developer Edition.

*the discount will depend on our evaluation of the created plugin, including the amount of work and the demand for its features, as well as on the solution you choose.

Additionally, we will promote your creations among our users and partners, giving your full credit. All plugins will be added to ONLYOFFICE App Directory, where you can choose for your plugin to be free or paid.

Useful links

Visit ONLYOFFICE API resources.

See the ready examples of plugins on GitHub.