Customize ONLYOFFICE editor interface within your Sync&Share solution

27 June 2019By Ksenija


We’ve released the new versions of our integration apps, and now you can customize the interface of ONLYOFFICE online editors within your ownCloud and Nextcloud instances. Read this post to learn more about the update.


Interface customization

The newly added ‘Editor customization settings’ section allows you to adjust the editor interface and change the presence or absence of the additional buttons.

Thus, you can display or hide Chat menu, Feedback & Support menu and Help menu buttons.

With the option ‘Display the header more compact’, you can define if the additional action buttons are displayed in the upper part of the editor window header next to the logo or in the toolbar:



With the option ‘Display toolbar tabs’, you can define if the top toolbar tabs are distinctly displayed or only highlighted to see which one is selected:


ONLYOFFICE connector for ownCloud v.2.3.1

The new version of our integration app for ownCloud features:

  • more intuitive app settings page,
  • editor interface management,
  • revised server master key support.


ONLYOFFICE connector for Nextcloud v.2.3.0

The updated version of our integration app for Nextcloud comprises:

  • ability to customize the editor interface,
  • redesigned app settings page,
  • master key encryption support,
  • title in the conversion request.


Useful links

Download ONLYOFFICE integration app for ownCloud v.2.3.1 from the official ownCloud Marketplace.

Download the latest version of ONLYOFFICE connector for Nextcloud from the Nextcloud App Store.

Learn more about editor interface customization in our API documentation.

To learn about new document sharing permissions added in our integration app for ownCloud, read this post.