ONLYOFFICE attends international events: Liferay Boot Camp 2019

23 May 2019By Ksenija

Hello everyone!

Last week we came back from Rome where Liferay Boot Camp was held, and we are eager to share our impressions with you. Read this article to learn more.



Event: Liferay Boot Camp is a technological event for the Liferay developer community, dedicated to training, sharing and learning new tools, techniques, and best practices. Organized by SMC.

Where: EATALY, Rome, Italy

When: 16th of May, 2019

Participants: Over 240 participants, including multiple Liferay partners, developers, and contributors, the Italian open source community.


Our role

Being a partner of the SMC company, we had an opportunity to give a talk. Our presenter Nikolay Pugachev, Senior Marketing Manager, told the audience about ONLYOFFICE online document, spreadsheet, and presentation editors that support integration with third-party content management platforms, including Liferay.

Nikolay covered such topics as the technology behind ONLYOFFICE online editors, collaborative and security features, open API that allows developers from all over the world to create connectors for the integration of ONLYOFFICE editors with their services, and surely, achievements and plans in ONLYOFFICE-Liferay integration.

A quick reminder: ONLYOFFICE plugin developed by SMC allows users to create, edit and co-author documents inside Liferay Document and Media Library in their browsers.


Certainly, we got follow-up questions after the presentation. Here are some of them:

  1. What’s the difference between the free version and Integration Edition? (You can always compare two versions here.)
  2. Can you restrict downloading documents? (Yes, integrators can specify this parameter and restrict downloading, editing, printing, etc.)
  3. Is it possible to upload own dictionaries to ONLYOFFICE Document Server? (Not yet, but we are considering this.)

Besides, Galina Goduhina, our Head of Sales, gave an interview talking about today’s requirements for online document editors, such as comprehensive functionality, transparency and security, and how ONLYOFFICE meets such requirements. The interview link will be posted on our social networks, so stay tuned!


Our impressions

The event was extremely productive, full of ideas, new opportunities, and inspiration!

Among all the given talks, much attention was paid to the blockchain as an ultimate technology of the current IT landscape and its implementation in various solutions. Surely, such topic was relevant to us since earlier this year we presented the first developer preview of end-to-end encryption reinforced by blockchain, available for testing in the latest version of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors.

L to R: Nikolay Pugachev, Enrico Bortolan, Galina Goduhina

We were really impressed by the SMC project called OpenSquare Spaces demonstrated to us by Enrico Bortolan. Based on Liferay and with ONLYOFFICE integrated, it was developed especially for Italian users. Proud to be a part of it!



With Domenico Costa (Liferay Senior Developer at SMC), Mauro Mariuzzo (Senior Software Architect at SMC) and Enrico Bortolan we discussed technical aspects of our partnership, including next steps in making document editing with ONLYOFFICE even more comfortable for Liferay users. It is among our future plans to add the possibility to connect ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors to Liferay (as it is now possible for ownCloud and Nextcloud users), to restrict access to separate parts of the document while editing, and to enhance Fill Forms functionality.


Galina Goduhina and Marco Tessarin (CEO at SMC)

With Marco Tessarin we had a fruitful and productive discussion of commercial questions and further cooperation between ONLYOFFICE and SMC.


We were also glad to meet Stefano Pampaloni, CEO at Seacom and a member of RIOS, Italian open source community, to talk about our common interests and partnership opportunities. Among discussed subjects was Elasticsearch since it’s very demanded among the Liferay users, and Seacom is an official partner of Elasticsearch in Italy. So, new integration opportunities are just around the corner. (And don’t forget that in version 10.0 we also implemented Elasticsearch engine for better navigation through portal content, including documents and emails).

And last but not least: we were especially pleased to hear nice words addressed to ONLYOFFICE Projects module form Paolo Valeri, SMC Product Manager, who suggested our tech teams should consider the possibility to create an open source project management solution based on Liferay and ONLYOFFICE. Great plan! With partners like SMC, all the dreams come true!


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