Tokenization Agency implements ONLYOFFICE to create a private space for its ideas

25 October 2018By Ksenija

Today we are going to tell you about our client, Tokenization Agency, dedicated to creating some kind of new economic environment using all advantages the blockchain technology offers. We have interviewed Boris Berkov, the head of the organization, and now are excited to share their experience.


About Tokenization Agency

Tokenization Agency (Pan-European Agency for Cyber-Physical Systems Development and Tokenization of Real Sector) is developing the mechanisms of the tokenized economy that allows anyone to create a virtual copy of any construction, production, other types of business or services and to connect such virtual copy with the objects in real world. In such a way, tokenization of the real-world assets enables to transfer any asset, value, ownership or either intellectual property into the investment that was far from your reach.

“How do we understand the tokenization? It’s a new vehicle, the new form of economic relations. What we are really willing to do is to consult, promote and create this new environment, both from a technical and legal perspective,” explained Boris Berkov.

From smart cities to tokenized economy

The story of Tokenization Agency is pretty simple. The team, mostly with banking and business automation background, started as smart city developers. By organizing relations between the entities inside the smart cities, they recognized the opportunity of the blockchain.

“We understand that we need a legal environment, although it’s hard to explain to government officials how everybody could benefit from that new type of tokenized economy. We have already created a semi-government project with the government of Estonia, and right now we’re cooperating with Latvian government,” told us Mr. Berkov.

Surely, like any blockchain project, Tokenization Agency is now trying to find further ways to apply the knowledge, the technology, the insights they have.

When security matters

Having several alternatives in question, Tokenization Agency decided to choose ONLYOFFICE. The main reason was the essential level of data security we deliver to our customers.

“We are willing to control our data. Unfortunately, after Google lost the point with involving in censorship in totalitarian countries, we understood that it was not the best partner for any type of projects. It’s not appropriate for us to work with the company with such an attitude,” said Boris Berkov.

It’s really important for Tokenization Agency to be confident that no one could access, or get their information, or use it against them. They are willing to own their intellectual property.

Features necessary for Tokenization

For the Tokenization Agency team, security and functionality are the most important points when choosing software for their project. In ONLYOFFICE they value:

  • Real-time collaboration on documents;
  • High-quality document editing (and also that documents can be opened on any device afterwards);
  • Some kind of private space, so the opportunity to put ONLYOFFICE on the own server (therefore, full control over the data).

Spreading the word in blockchain community

Boris Berkov added that they recommend ONLYOFFICE to others, also among their blockchain community. And we would like to remind you that we’re now also working on the new ONLYOFFICE Blockchain Edition, a solution for document encrypting and co-editing. Don’t miss the release!


Also feeling like hosting a secure office suite on your private network? Try ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition, or contact our sales department to learn about all options.

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