ownCloud and ONLYOFFICE announce partnership

8 October 2018By Tati

ownCloud, #1 open source vendor for secure file sharing in the world, and Ascensio System SIA, a Latvian home of ONLYOFFICE, are proud to announce a partnership to offer ONLYOFFICE Online Editors to the ownCloud users. Our match made in heaven (as one of our users said) now turns into a formal union. Read the article for more details.

ownCloud ONLYOFFICE partnership

Seamless and secure collaboration on documents

Through this partnership, industries which need to deal with sensitive data, get access to the most innovative online office applications that allow them working together in real time right from the complex and secure ownCloud environment.

Providing the perfect compatibility with Microsoft Office formats, ONLYOFFICE enables ownCloud users to work with all common file formats (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, TXT, ODT, ODS, ODP, DOC, XLS, PPT, PPS, EPUB, RTF, HTML, HTM, PDF) and make use of the great majority of formatting options: add links, tables and graphics, insert diagrams, autoshapes, mathematical formulas, edit headers and footers, create style sheets, make design changes to the entire document with two mouse clicks, and much more.

Integrated into ownCloud, ONLYOFFICE makes collaboration within a company easier providing a set of advanced collaborative features, including two co-editing modes, public sharing, change tracking, version history, chat, and comments.

Joerg Eberwein, Head of Partner & Alliance at ownCloud:

Through the partnership with ONLYOFFICE, we can offer a joint solution that enables the access and editing of Microsoft Office file formats from the ownCloud front-end in real time. Teams can safely exchange their work and collaborate efficiently on documents. This increases productivity while maintaining full control over sensitive corporate data.

ONLYOFFICE is now available as an optional add-on* from the official Marketplace providing the ownCloud customers with the great editing and collaboration capabilities and the high-level support from both ONLYOFFICE and ownCloud teams.

Galina Godukhina, Commercial Director at ONLYOFFICE:

We are just starting to work with the ownCloud team closer, but we are working for the ownCloud users for years already. We hope to understand what we should provide ONLYOFFICE Online Document Editors with as the next steps to make their every day used solution more handy and sufficient. Now we are sure to get even more feedback and provide ownCloud users with a higher level of support together with the ownCloud team.

About ownCloud

ownCloud is the largest Open Source File sharing solution in the world with 200.000 installations and more than 25 million users. ownCloud combines consumer-grade usability with enterprise-grade security (GDPR compliant). It enables users to access data no matter where it is stored or which device is used. By giving organizations the visibility and control required to manage sensitive data while offering users the modern collaboration experience they demand, productivity and security are increased at the same time. For more information, visit www.owncloud.com.

ownCloud is continuously working on the further development of secure collaboration possibilities.

ownCloud and ONLYOFFICE will work closely together at the technical level to achieve a deeper and smoother integration of ONLYOFFICE into ownCloud. In this way, high-end collaboration applications that are created are available to all ownCloud users. The ultimate goal is to achieve optimal user integration.

* To make use of ONLYOFFICE online editors, ONLYOFFICE Document Server is required. You can install it using one of the available options: .deb or .rpm packages, Docker image or Docker script, or official app appliances provided by Univention.
Willing to become a partner and participate in our international initiative? You are very welcome to contact us at partners@onlyoffice.com.