Five million ONLYOFFICE users. Who are they? Pt. 1

10 July 2018By Nadya

The number of our users has grown significantly. They are 5 million now, and we are still not sure if we have been able to count everyone. But who are they and why they chose us? We hope that this information will help you make an informed decision when choosing an ONLYOFFICE solution for your needs.

ONLYOFFICE users. Who are they?

In the first part, we will tell you about our free and paid solutions for small teams and individuals.

Small teams and non-profits choose cloud service

ONLYOFFICE in the cloud offers online document editors (including text processor, online excel editor, an editor for presentations) and a full set of business apps, including document and project management, CRM, Mail, Calendar and more. The service is Amazon-hosted and fully GDPR compliant.

Who uses? Start-ups (mostly use 1-2 or 3-5 active users tariff plans), advertising agencies, specific departments of large companies (mostly sales) and certain faculties of large universities. Usually, our cloud service is chosen by small or medium teams, but we also have large clients with 100-500 active users.

Also, cloud service is provided to non-profit organizations for free, so it is frequently chosen by those organizations with non-lucrative purposes.

Motives. The majority of our cloud users is attracted to the possibility of using very simple and user-friendly business tools in their browser, without having to pay for own IT infrastructure. GDPR compliance is essential as well.

Most popular features. CRM, Projects, Calendar, Mail.

Useful links. Learn how to become an ONLYOFFICE nonprofit or read cases of those already working with us. The cloud solution is also free for schools. We also have a 50% discount for universities.

ONLYOFFICE Personal for students and bloggers

ONLYOFFICE Personal is a free solution for storing and editing online spreadsheets, text documents, and presentations.

Who uses? Anyone who needs an alternative to Google Docs. Our personal solution is frequently used by bloggers (as it allows to embed docs into websites and share them conveniently) and students. Thousands of theses and research papers may have been written with the help of ONLYOFFICE Personal. At least, we hope so!

Motives. It is free and allows to work on docs from anywhere at any time.

Useful links. Start your ONLYOFFICE Personal and get quick access to it from Google Chrome using this extension.

Desktop Editors for everyone

Free office suite for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Who uses? Individual and corporate users whose workflow is closely linked to docx, xlsx, pptx files. Anyone who needs a free Microsoft Office replacement. Open source fans.

Motives. According to our users’ reviews, their reasons are maximum compatibility with MS Office formats, clean and modern UI, zero cost and possibility to work on their favorite Linux distribution (apart from deb and rpm packages, ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors are also available as Snap and AppImage, and Flatpak is coming soon).

Useful links. Download the app from the official website.

Tech experts and open source lovers prefer Community Edition

A free server-based solution that comprises online editors (Document Server) and collaboration platform (Community Server).

Who uses? Teams with up to 20 active users. Open source fans with enough experience to deploy the system, update it and perform manual backups. Some of them use only Document Server connected to Nextcloud/ownCloud.

Motives. Keeping data on-premise, independence from big corporations such as Google and Microsoft.

Useful links. Download Community Edition or compare it to the commercial build Enterprise Edition.

If you have questions or ideas, leave comments below. And stay tuned because the 2nd part of the article is coming soon! It will be dedicated to our solutions for large companies and technological partners.