ONLYOFFICE for education: up to 70% discounts and absolutely no limitations

28 June 2018 By Nadya 0 405


We have awesome news for those who are preparing for an upcoming academic year – ONLYOFFICE removed user limitations from the server solution for education. But the discounts remain in place!

onlyoffice for education without limitations

What has been changed

Our special self-hosted solution for educational institutions used to have a limitation of 100 users. We decided to make our offer more flexible: now there are no limitations, and you can choose among Enterprise Edition pricing plans based on simultaneous connections* to ONLYOFFICE online editors.

Choose the most advantageous tariff plan:

  • Start with up to 50 simultaneous connections.
  • Standard with up to 150 connections.
  • Standard+ with up to 400 connections.

To learn the prices, visit this page.

*Just count how many people will edit documents simultaneously to decide which tariff plan suits you. If choose a plan with 50 connections, it will mean that 50 documents can be opened for editing at the same time, and the 51-st doc will be opened for viewing only. So, the number of active users can be bigger than 50. Others can view docs, work with projects, etc.

Discounts are still valid

All the discounts remain in place: 50% off our self-hosted solution for higher education and 70% off for schools! Higher education can also get a 50% discount for ONLYOFFICE in the cloud.  Schools just get our cloud solution for free : )

Learn more about the special offers for education here.

Why to use

We give you all the tools to make teaching and learning processes more effective:

  • Online document editors with maximum compatibility with MS Office.
  • Document and project management systems.
  • CRM (this tool is new to ONLYOFFICE for education).
  • Calendar + Mail.
  • Platform for building your own social network with blogs, forums and wiki.

If you are concerned about GDPR compliance, read this blog post.

How to start

Fill in the form to get your free trial version, and our manager will contact you shortly.

Get free trial

To learn more about our offers for schools and universities, visit this page.

If you still have questions regarding ONLYOFFICE for education or want to discuss individual terms, contact our sales department.

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