ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors for your PC or Mac are out

28 March 2016By Tati

Dear friends!

Today we are pleased to announce the release of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors, an office suite that combines viewers and editors for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations working offline.


Why to use

Downloading and installing ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors on your PC or Mac will allow you to work on your documents without connecting to Internet and easily switch to the online mode, if needed, to collaborate and interact with your teammates.

Moreover, using ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors you are no longer limited by your browser resources. It means:

High Speed Performance
There are no problems while working with big files.

Common Copy/Paste Options
To copy and paste from/into another document, you can use the editor toolbar buttons and context menu options, while working within a browser these actions can be performed using the corresponding key combinations only.

Direct Print Option
No need to download your document as a PDF file for further printing. You can send it to your printer directly using the Print option.

Local Fonts
All the fonts available on your local computer will be automatically loaded into ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors.

Language Detection
The document/text language is set automatically when you edit documents using ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors, so there is no need to select an appropriate language for each paragraph manually.
How much does it cost

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors are absolutely free for personal use.

For business use the desktop applications are available by subscription: 1 year subscription for $39 and an unlimited subscription for $59. Regular updates and email support are included.

Buy Now

The ONLYOFFICE Cloud Solution users with 1 or 3 year subscriptions can get FREE Licenses for ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors. The number of liceses depends on the selected pricing plan. For the server solution users the price of 25 licenses for desktop editors is included into an ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition subscription. Learn more >>
How to start
The current version is available for Windows (both 64-bit and 32-bit), Mac OS 10.10 or higher and Linux (Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives).

To download ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors for your PC or Mac, visit our website and install it following the Setup Wizard instructions.

Download Now

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