Meet Teamlab at TechCrunch Moscow!

30 November 2012By Nina

Teamlab at Techcrunch 2012It’s been a long time since TeamLab was taking part in a real life event. Let’s face it, most of our announcements are made online, depriving us of an opportunity to communicate with our users face to face. The last TeamLab public appearance dates back to the beginning of this spring, when we participated in CeBIT – an international IT event held in Hannover. We had a great time getting acquainted with TeamLab users and discussing the prospect of our service.

Nine month later we witnessed the reboot of TeamLab, tested the beta-version of TeamLab 7.0, struggled through trials and tribulations, but eventually managed to come up with a product that is truly helpful, user-friendly and technologically advanced. We can not thank you enough for your huge contribution in terms of ideas generated, bugs found and support given. Together we made a difference and we think this is something to be proud of not only inside our close-knit community of TeamLab users, but in front a much bigger audience.

As you may have already guessed, TeamLab is going to participate in another world-class technology event, namely TechCrunch Moscow 2012. The event is going to feature some of the world’s leading technology entrepreneurs, so we couldn’t miss out on it. So in case you are looking forward to meeting TeamLab representatives, you know where to find us 😉

One last (but probably the most important) detail for today. Taking part in TechCrunch Moscow 2012 requires demonstration of the product. Guess what we are going to present? Yeah, right! The stable version of TeamLab 7.0!

So keep your fingers crossed and wish us good luck!

The Startup Alley starts on Decebmer 9th 🙂