TeamLab AMI goes live

30 September 2010By Nina

Dear TeamLab users, today I’m happy to announce that Amazon Machine Image for TeamLab is finally available to all of you. It means that from now on you can use TeamLab platform completely independently of us. Of course, you can still download our source code, deploy it on any suitable hosting and be independent of us also. So, what’s the difference? It is about new benefits. Let me outline the main three of them:

Easier installation process
Installing TeamLab source code on the Internet is not an elementary task. If you did tried to deploy TeamLab on a hosting server you should know the deal. Even for an experienced user TeamLab deployment may take up to 30 minutes and more. Besides you aren’t protected against unexpected issues. On the contrary, Amazon EC2 offers you an easy way of bringing your server with TeamLab online. The platform is pre-configured and you can get your corporate portal up and running in minutes.
Watch our how-to video guide to see how simple TeamLab AMI deployment procedure is.

Your own dedicated server
TeamLab AMI is offered within Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud). It means that along with the ready- to-use TeamLab portal you get your own virtual PC (instance) in Amazon private cloud known for its robust infrastructure. It is possible to activate/ deactivate instances and customize their configuration instantly to suit your specific needs. None of the traditional hosting servers allows such a great level of flexibility and control.

Cost savings
With TeamLab AMI you can significantly reduce the TCO of your TeamLab portal. TeamLab AMI is provided free of charge. So you pay only for the use of Amazon EC2 computing resources. Rates are very low starting from $60 per month and depend on the chosen instance type. As you can quickly scale the TeamLab portal capacity you don’t overpay for the unused resources.

The above benefits say much in favour of TeamLab AMI. And if you still have doubts about what hosting provider to choose, give our new service a try. I believe you’d be pretty amazed how easy it is to get a dedicated web server on the internet and get started with your corporate portal.