OnlyOffice: An Open Source Microsoft Office Contender Worth Your Time

December 12, 2016 Article

OnlyOffice gets an Aye from me. Despite the small list of gripes, OnlyOffice offers a robust office suite experience, further boosted by the Community Server. The OnlyOffice desktop client is entirely free and available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


Microsoft Office, Google Docs beware: This open-source startup is after your users

December 7, 2016 Article

"Our plan is to continue working on our document editors as we want them to be ideal, like a Swiss watch, so our to-do list is long. We'll also have to put effort into convincing people that there are other office suites, apart from Microsoft Office".


OnlyOffice Another Free Office Suite for Linux (Complete Selfhost Office Solution - OwnCloud Compatible)

March 13, 2015 Article

OnlyOffice is a platform for small and medium business that enables teams to manage projects, customer relations and documents in one place. Linux users can take advantage of open source version and start to collaborate on projects hosted safely on their own servers.


How To Install ONLYOFFICE On Ubuntu

February 27, 2015 Article

ONLYOFFICE is a free, open source software that helps to organize the teamwork online. The current Linux version of ONLYOFFICE comprises the following features: document management including integration with file storage systems, like Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Dropbox and SharePoint; project management with Gantt Chart; CRM and invoicing; set of tools for collaboration within a team including chat, blogs, forums, news, wiki etc. email aggregator.


ONLYOFFICE Personal Review

January 8, 2015 Article

ONLYOFFICE Personal is a free website that includes a word processor, spreadsheet program, and presentation maker. With support for these tools as well as lots of awesome features and a nice, clean interface, ONLYOFFICE Personal becomes a really nice alternative to Microsoft Office.


Free Online Word Processors

October 10, 2014 Article

This word processor looks very nice, has plenty of useful features, and lets you co-edit and chat with others, even the public, which means they don't need to be logged in to their own account to collaborate with you. A document can be shared with read-only or full access rights.


ONLYOFFICE Software Review: Features – Pricing – Testimonials

September 30, 2014 Article

ONLYOFFICE is an open-source and cloud-based project and document management software developed by Ascensio System SIA. Formerly known as TeamLab Office, ONLYOFFICE is elegantly comprised of online document editors, CRM, Document and Project Management tools such as a Gantt Chart, an email aggregator, milestones and a project time tracker among others that are ideal for project management in small businesses.


TeamLab Office Personal: Free Cloud Based Office Suite

September 2, 2014 Article

Like the traditional PowerPoint, Presentation Editor works in the same way. It offers user options to add template, add new slides in between based on the requirement. Once done working on the file user can download the file in PDF or PPT format also can be saved online for future use.


40 Simple Web Tools for Associations and Event Planners

August 27, 2014 Article

TeamLab switched their name to OnlyOffice they also became more than project management focused. They are now project management, document storage, a full office suite, and more… this can be good, it can be bad, just depends on your needs. They have a 45 day free trial. Try away!


ONLYOFFICE Calls Microsoft® Out With Open Source Cloud Office Suite

July 23, 2014 Article

ONLYOFFICE is a tightly-integrated collaborative suite, including office apps with co-editing capabilities, CRM system, mail aggregator, project and document management toolset. Aimed at small and medium business, the application is available as an open source as well as on-demand solution.


Teamlab opens source code, renames to ONLYOFFICE

July 8, 2014 Article

ONLYOFFICE is a cloud business service that enables you to manage projects, customer relations and documents in one place. In other words, you don't need to switch back and forth between multiple applications to perform different tasks.


Integrating with Google Drive via a Chrome Web Store App

June 24, 2014 Article

Many of our users connect Google Drive to Teamlab, and we wanted to reach more by being in the Chrome Web Store. The availability of Google Drive SDK and Google Drive API helped us fit it all together. We thought: if a user can connect a Google Drive account to Teamlab Personal, why not build a return path?


40 Useful Project Management Tools (Free & Premium)

June 16, 2014 Article

Here is another useful collection of 40 helpful and valuable project management tools for you. Today, several tools have been developed to help professionals involved in different business sector. These tools are designed to help them in order to conduct their business and work more efficiently. Here, we have project management tools that will be very valuable for the project managers.


Teamlab Office Review

June 4, 2014 Article

Teamlab is free for Personal use and via a Subscription for Enterprise use or if you need the extra features available in a Subscription, Teamlab also allows Enterprises the ability to run Teamlab on their own Personal Servers instead of on the Teamlab Servers.


TeamLab App For Project Management and CRM Solutions Efficiently

May 26, 2014 Article

TeamLab is a very efficient service to work with. It is comprehensive and includes all the required tools for smart project management, CRM, document handlings related to any project. 10,000 happy customers of TeamLab swear by the services this company provides. Available in 20 languages, TeamLab is indeed a very competent, and mature interface for businesses.


5 Best Alternatives of Microsoft Office

May 23, 2014 Article

Team Lab Office is a free and open source program. It is an online tools from which you can create and edit your documents. With Team Lab Office, user can create and edit documents, can create spreadsheets and presentations.


60 Open Source Apps You Can Use in the Cloud: Page 3

May 23, 2014 Article

TeamLab combines document editing, mail, CRM and project management into a single package. Download the open source version, pay for a supported enterprise version, or use the hosted cloud version. Unlike most other projects, TeamLab also offers a free cloud version for non-profits.


Seven Essential Home Office Tools for Your Business

May 14, 2014 Article

There are seven essential tools necessary for your home office, whether you work alone or with others. Good home office tools will help you keep your business organized so that it runs efficiently and productively.


Teamlab Personal – online office suite with co-editing capabilities

May 8, 2014 Article

Teamlab Office combines the major collaboration advantages of Google Docs with an interface that feels comparable to Microsoft Office. Google account holders can sign-in seamlessly and start using the service right away with no lengthy registration requirements.


App Review: Teamlab Personal

May 6, 2014 Article

Teamlab Personal is a new player in the field, claiming to offer new levels of compatibility both with the file format and the usage experience of the Microsoft products. Available from the App Store, the personal version is free (there’s also a reasonably-priced edition for small business) and includes word processor, spreadsheet and presentation apps.


TeamLab Office: An open source alternative of Office365

April 25, 2014 Article

TeamLab Office comes with key modules like Documents, CRM, Projects and Mail, each module of TeamLab Office has in depth functionality like in Documents module you can manage your entire document related work like a Document management system similarly in CRM you can manage customer data...


Teamlab Releases an Advanced Processor for Google Drive Documents

April 4, 2014 Article

Teamlab Personal, a free suite of online editors for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations is now integrated into Google Drive via Chrome Store Application. Therefore Drive users are enabled to process their files by means of an advanced Canvas-based editor and save them back to Google account.


Google Docs gets Add-ons store, Teamlab Office gets server version

March 13, 2014 Article

Meanwhile one of the main Google Docs rivals - Teamlab Office unveiled the local version for large companies, that can be installed on the own server. Besides the office document editors, Teamlab Office Enterprise contains the full set of collaboration tools . Teamlab already provided in-house open-source version - Community Edition. It's free but trimmed in functionality.


10 Best New Apps to Communicate With Your Offsite Worker

March 4, 2014 Article

Teamlab works as a sort of social media networking within a company. This is the perfect tool for making company-wide announcements so that everyone feels like they’re in the loop (this is especially important for communication with off site employees or managing multiple locations).


Getting Started Experience in 15 Tools

January 28, 2014 Article

Teamlab looks complex. Right after the registration you see a video and wait while your account is being created. Good use of waiting time! Then you start a project and see three(!) yellow messages right away: one about Android app, another about email activation and the last one is a getting started wizard. Too many for me. The wizard is very short with just four steps.


Top 5 Web-Based Project Management Solutions

January 27, 2014 Article

Teamlab Office is all about online collaboration, and it offers a document management system that allows users to share files and track them through a version control process (the non-open source version also offers an HTML5-based tool that lets users conduct real-time collaborative editing).


Still looking for a good replacement for Microsoft Office?

January 24, 2014 Article

Teamlab Office Personal is free for, you guessed it, personal use. About the only complaint I have about this service is that you have to have a G+ or Facebook account to sign-up for it. But, oh well, I’m sure 4 out of 5 of you have a Facebook account and the other one has a G+ account. I’m so out-of-the-loop


An Online Office Suite That's A Real Alternative To Microsoft Or Google

January 21, 2014 Article

For the techies among you, Teamlab Office is even available as a free, open source download that you can host on your own server, and thus provide your own secure cloud-based office system for your family, your company, or just yourself. But if you'd rather just start using it, rather than running your own service, is where you need to surf to.


TeamLab, A Canvas-Based Document Editor, Wants To Send Microsoft Office 365 Back To The Drawing Board

January 9, 2014 Article

Enter Teamlab Personal, a free version of TeamLab’s cloud-based Office suite. Built using HTML5′s Canvas element (for those who are Web-standards au fait), it claims to combine the best of Google’s online collaboration features with Microsoft Word’s high quality formatting.


Teamlab launches free alternative to Google Docs and MS Office

December 24, 2013 Article

Today Teamlab is launching a free productivity tool Teamlab Personal - an alternative to Google Drive, Skydrive and Zoho Docs. It's a cloud file storage with office editors. Teamlab says that it combines reach formatting features from MS Office with collaboration tools from Google Docs.


Teamlab Rolls out Personal Docs for Free Individual Use

December 20, 2013 Article

The Personal edition combines the multifunctionality of text, spreadsheet and presentation desktop solutions with the benefits of online co-editing and commenting. Being the first online editors developed with the HTML5 Canvas technology, they boast an array of strengths unavailable in other realtime word-processors.


Teamlab Office 7.5: Gantt Chart, CRM-EMail integration

November 7, 2013 Article

The updated version of the popular collaboration service Teamlab Office 7.5 includes two new useful features. The first is Gantt Chart. It enables to get a panoramic view of all project activities, evaluate project activity status: open/closed, active/overdue, manage project milestones and tasks: create, edit, close, reopen, delete etc, link tasks within projects to create the task dependencies.


Teamlab PM for iOS to start a whole series of mobile apps for business

September 26, 2013 Article

Basically the whole point of mobile PM tools is a rapid response to any project issue and timely informing team members about project changes. Teamlab PM covers this by submitting all the principal updates via push notifications.


Teamlab Mail to Extend Opportunities for Business Communication

August 13, 2013 Article

The multifunctional web office Teamlab is replenished with the new toolset that allows users to manage email more efficiently and improves business communication. Working with Mail aggregator extends to all business processes that ensure collaboration of all the departments and aims at the team work optimization.


Giveaway: 5-Year Subscriptions to Teamlab Office Cloud Apps

March 12, 2013 Article

TeamLab, a suite of cloud computing business web applications, is giving away five accounts that will give the winners a half-decade subscription to their 1-5 active users/5GB storage per user subscription plan. Each of these subsciption plans is worth $250. Read on to learn how to win a 5-year subscription to this awesome cloud-computing suite of business web applications.


Featured Intranet-Teamlab Office

January 29, 2013 Article

If you are ever looking for an Intranet solution, Teamlab Office may have just what you’re looking for. Their all-in-one cloud portal gives groups from corporations to smaller companies and non-profits, a web-friendly environment for their employees. It integrates projects, CRM, IM, and document editing with Office.


TeamLab: A Comprehensive Online Document Editor Based On HTML 5

January 16, 2013 Article

Teamlab is the first online HTML5-based word processor that offers its users a lot of features and functions. The site is not only an online HTML5 based documents editor but it also offers a suite of project management tools and CRM solutions. In the document editors, you can add people to your teams for online collaboration and use the web interface to start creating your own documents. Simple or advanced formatted documents, along with spreadsheets and presentations, can be created from scratch. Existing documents from your machine that are sized less than 10 MB can be uploaded to your online account.


Creating an HTML5 Based Document Editor

January 14, 2013 Article

The editor is now a part of the Teamlab Office collaboration suite and can be tested there after sign in, or on our demo-portal (which is much quicker) at


Escaping from Desktop: Online Document Editing Tools for Bloggers

September 7, 2012 Article

This is another tool that includes an editor as a part of an online collaboration service. But I intentionally put this one to the very end of the list because—cards on the table—I work for TeamLab. Now you might say that every cook praises his own broth, so I’ll do my best to stay as impartial as possible! Among various online document editors this one looks the most like your favorite desktop application—Office 365 is probably the only alternative that would compete with Teamlab in this realm. The toolset is also impressive—Teamlab Documents provide you with a large number of styles and fonts, using those already uploaded to your computer.


20 Best Online Project Collaboration Apps for Freelancers

August 27, 2012 Article

At first glance: workspace logically divided into four main modules – Community, Projects, Documents, CRM. Must-haves: forums, projects, online editing, calendar. Benefits: HTML5-based online document editor with almost all the functionality of a desktop word processor, a complete built-in CRM suite. Integration: Google Drive, Dropbox, Box; Import from Zoho; REST API.


Review: Teamlab Project Management, CRM, Collaboration

August 17, 2012 Article

Teamlab is a multifunctional SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution that offers project management, document management, CRM and business collaboration. Targeted squarely at small and mid-sized businesses, the service includes collaboration tools that range from an integrated blogging platform to forums, as well as a Web-based corporate instant messaging (IM) service for communication between team members.


Managing Projects, Tasks and Info

June 27, 2012 Article

Teamlab is free for initial use, and then they charge based on the amount of storage space you use—$49 per month for an extra 50 GB of storage (you get 1 GB for free). A built-in email client is planned for a future upgrade, which could really set Teamlab up as a tool your employees spend most of their day in, hopefully making them more organized and productive along the way.


Five principles of an open source company

June 20, 2012 Article

Ascensio System SIA--a small Latvian IT-company--is very proud of its brainchild, TeamLab. Initially, we invented Teamlab for internal communication. A collaboration platform that encompassed several features like blogs, wikis, and bookmarks seemed perfectly suited for cooperation inside the team.


Review TeamLab: uitgebreide samenwerksoftware voor projecten

June 6, 2012 Article

Teamlab maakt direct na de registratie met naam en e-mail een web portal waarvan de kleurstelling en andere karakteristieken door de beheerder aan te passen zijn. Helaas kunnen beheerders niet het eigen bedrijfslogo uploaden. Individuele gebruikers kunnen wel een avatar uploaden. In de gratis versie van deze cloud computing tool is per portal 1 GB aan opslagruimte beschikbaar.


How to Organize Teamwork Using TeamLab

June 3, 2012 Article

Create a corporate portal. You can do it easy with several clicks using the free web collaboration platform TeamLab. Invite the group members to the portal filling in their contact details and sending the invitation messages to their email addresses.


Best Project Management Tools for Designers’ Collaborative Work

June, 2012 Article

Teamlab is really multifunctional as in contrast to lots of counterparts it contains all the tools in one and the same workspace. No additional downloads, registrations or upgrades to obtain access to another tool needed.


Teamlab Software Review: Features – Pricing – Testimonials

May 11, 2012 Article

Teamlab is a Cloud-based online project management solution offered as Software-as-a-Service. Teamlab is a high standard software yet freely available. It is widely used project management software due to its unique and customizable features that makes a good alternative to traditional offline office systems. Teamlab is a good choice for those enterprises intending to shift to Cloud computing yet wouldn’t like to take an expensive risk.


Teamlab REST API: Benefit from Ample Opportunities for Web Integration

March, 2012 Press Release

TeamLab, the web service for business collaboration, project, document and customer relationship management, launches the application programming interface (API). From now on experienced users and IT developers will be able to import and export necessary data, build applications on top of Teamlab and integrate the tools into customers’ existing programs and services.


Teamlab Reveals World's First Online HTML5-Powered Word Processing Solution

March 6, 2012 Article

“Ascensio System SIA, a corporate IT application and environment developer, just lifted the veil on its Teamlab Document Editor, a component of a web office suite for corporate communication, collaboration, customer relations, and project management. Its HTML5-based architecture, enhanced technologies, and increased functionality makes Teamlab a vital part of any business that's serious about its tech resources, delivering the capacity to keep documents online without having to transfer the file from one local point to another in the global network. Other manufacturers barely scratch the surface on what Teamlab can do.”


Teamlab announces the first online HTML5-based word processor

March 5, 2012 Press Release

Ascensio System SIA, the developer of IT solutions for corporate use, reveals details on Teamlab Document Editor, a part of the web office for business collaboration, project, and customer relations management. With the unique technology applied and functionality significantly enhanced Teamlab offers a full-fledged feature-set to maintain document procedures online at a completely new level not yet reached by other manufacturers in the segment.


DIY: Employ Teamlab as your company’s collaboration tool

March 3, 2012 Article

“Teamlab is an outstanding tool for companies on a tight budget. Even if you have to pay for the extra storage space, you’re looking at around just over $200.00 USD per year for a full-blown collaboration tool. Give Teamlab a try, and see if it meets your company’s needs for an easy to use collaboration tool.”


TeamLab: What Else Does Your Business Need?

February 1, 2012 Article

Project management tool is probably the most vital for any entrepreneur. Smart business planning, proper task delegation and timely reporting are the key factors of a successful venture. That is why Teamlab provides users with a large amount of the features in the project management section. Among the most called-for ones are:

  • scheduling project milestones
  • assigning tasks to employees in charge
  • managing access rights for different projects
  • generating time-tracking as well as project issues and unsolved tasks reports
  • eading discussions on various project-related topics

Teamlab Server Solution: Get Double Control over Business Data

February, 2012 Press Release

Ascensio System SIA, the developer of IT solutions for corporate use, announces the availability of the server solution for TeamLab, a web office for business collaboration, project and customer relationship management. The installation version is available on SourceForge in the form of an installation .exe file and allows users to deploy Teamlab on a corporate server.


Teamlab Brings Enhanced Experience to Online Document Management

January 23, 2012 Press Release

Ascensio System SIA, the developer of IT solutions for corporate use, launches the new version of Documents module that forms a part of the Teamlab web office for business collaboration, project and customer relations management. With the significantly improved functionality and revised design, Teamlab offers a full-fledged feature set to maintain document procedures online more quickly and conveniently.


5 Communication And Collaboration Services For Growing Businesses

November 25, 2011 Article

“An up and coming online collaboration service, Teamlab offers great flexibility for its users that seek to closely manage their teams and assign various projects to individuals. Offering three different models of service, an owner can choose to host the platform on their servers, TeamLab's servers or on an Amazon Machine Image server. Each offers different experiences and levels of difficulty. Premium access with more storage and faster upload speeds can be purchased for $49 a month.”


The Most Essential Tools for a Small Business

November 23, 2011 Article

“A very functional, intuitive, online option for Project Management is TeamLab. After months of looking for a Project Management Tool that meets our needs, I was pleasantly surprised just a couple of weeks ago when I ran across this option. It not only handles project management, but it also has document management (create, edit, and share documents online), client relations management (see next section), and chat rooms.”


Teamlab CRM - Toolkit for Boosting Sales Integrated in Corporate Portal

November 21, 2011 Press Release

Ascensio System SIA, the developer of IT solutions for corporate use, announces the availability of the CRM module for TeamLab, a multifunctional web office for business collaboration, document and project management. The new toolset, integrated directly in the platform, provides users with an array of features for customer relationship management.


Teamlab adds CRM module

November 15, 2011 Article

“Freemium online collaboration service Teamlab continues to impress us with the new functionality. At this time Teamlab adds CRM-module. It's a pretty nice and easy-to-use CRM system that includes contacts, tasks, opportunities and cases.”


Teamlab Mobile: With Documents on Board Complete Portable Workspace Available

October 13, 2011 Press Release

Ascensio System SIA, the developer of IT solutions for corporate use, launches Mobile Documents of TeamLab, a multifunctional web office for business collaboration, document and project management. Now with all the three modules available from mobile devices, Teamlab provides users with a complete portable office accessible from almost everywhere.


SaaS Vendor Teamlab Selects Avangate As eCommerce Provider

September 20, 2011 Press Release

Avangate, the agile eCommerce solutions provider trusted by Software and SaaS companies to grow their business worldwide through any channel and any model, announced today that Teamlab has selected Avangate to manage their SaaS online sales. Teamlab is a corporate collaboration platform for document and project management that integrates a number of online organization, management and communication tools.


Share Documents and Collaborate Online With A Free Portal

September 19, 2011 Article

“If you run a small business and you need a place to store and share information, Teamlab might well be worth checking out... This is the perfect solution for small to mid-sized organizations who are looking for a free and effective collaboration tool to get things done.”


Two Collaboration Tools to Help Wrangle Your Rogue Team: Teambox and TeamLab

September 9, 2011 Article

“When you start using TeamLab, you have the option to import existing contacts from your address book or Basecamp account, change your assigned password, and edit your profile. Profiles can include a user photo and can be linked to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Recent Activity also shows under the user profile, giving users an overview of their blog posts, photo uploads, bookmarks, project participation, and so on. In the Community area, you can add new employees, keep track of birthdays, see recent activity in a What's New box, manage a wiki, post to blogs and forums, and add bookmarks, events, photos, and polls.”


Office 365 Outage Shouldn’t Affect You: 2 Productivity Suite Alternatives

August 25, 2011 Article

“Teamlab does project management, business collaboration, and document management, with email, CRM and calendar features coming soon. In addition to SaaS, Teamlab also has open-source and AMI solutions. Best of all, Teamlab is completely free.”


TeamLab, An Open Source Solution to Creating an Effective Corporate Portal

August 25, 2011 Article

"This product is unique in the way it combines a number of different functions in one user-controlled portal, increasing both security and ease-of-use. For managers and freelancers who require a comprehensive, stable and customizable solution for both projects and ongoing collaboration management, Teamlab provides a cost-effective resource."


Teamlab Mobile: Project Management Goes on Air in Android and iOS Environment

August 25, 2011 Press Release

Ascensio System SIA, the developer of IT solutions for corporate use, launches a fully-featured mobile version of the Projects section that is a constituent of the Teamlab platform for project management and team collaboration. From now on, the Teamlab users gain a virtual analogue of their office activities.


Teamlab Review

August 10, 2011 Article

"Creating a new portal (an account, essentially) is quick and simple.  Type in your name, email address and a portal name, then respond to the registration email and you’re off and running.  The interface is pleasing to look at – it’s light and uncluttered with a professional appearance."


Teamlab Review

July 19, 2011 Article

“Teamlab stands out in the way it brings together numerous online tools to help streamline project management. Rather than only allowing users to post tasks or write updates, Teamlab includes a full spectrum of functions.”


The Best Free Web Apps of 2011

July 13, 2011 Article

“A perfect little online collaboration space for your entire team? Teamlab has it covered with project management tools, document editing you can share, and ways to communicate with the team, from blogs to IMs to (coming soon) internal emails. And none of it costs a dime.”


Teamlab Online Editor: One-Year-Old Prodigy Ready to Compete with Google Docs

July 7, 2011 Press Release

Ascensio System SIA, the developer of IT solutions for corporate use, announces the launch of the Teamlab online document and spreadsheet editor to mark the collaboration platform's first anniversary.


TeamLab: Free Online Portal of Your Organization

June 28, 2011 Article

"Teamlab is a great, dynamic and all rounder team management and collaboration system that allows you to manage your team as well as work efficiently and effectively."


TeamLab: Projects Data under Full Control – No Trespassing Possible

June 2, 2011 Press Release

Ascensio System SIA, the developer of IT solutions for corporate use, announces the availability of a new highly demanded feature set for the collaborative tool TeamLab: an array of options on access rights management in the Projects and Documents modules.


Online Project Development Management

May 31, 2011 Article

"Ever heard of TeamLab? Go check it out, please. This is the genuine article, a complete stress-tested bit of cloud software that covers off all of my requirements, and as I said, I am pedantic! They even have a basecamp import facility, so migration is child’s play :~)"


TeamLab: Amazing and Free Project Management Platform

May 30, 2011 Article

"Teamlab is very intuitive in its look and feel, its easy and very well arranged. This makes it using a wonderful experience. From individuals to professionals to enterprises, Teamlab caters to all of them with ease, its no-complexity mode makes you feel using it from day one and it hardly requires any training. With good FAQ you and your team can learn this in couple of hours and probably rollout in couple of days for your entire team (depends on size though)."


Teamlab creates your corporate online portal

May 28, 2011 Article

"The unique thing about Teamlab is that it goes beyond most other simple web-apps, and yet maintains a simple and usable, low-cost product. It bundles many functions that you otherwise would need to aggregate from multiple web-services. Teamlab is great for developers and teams working with web projects to take collaboration online as well."


Web-Based Collaboration & Team Management with TeamLab

May 20, 2011 Article

“Another great web-based platform for business collaboration and project management has emerged onto the scene. It’s a free SaaS solution called, TeamLab. Teamlab is a free open-source platform that allows you to connect, communicate, and collaborate through many different means of communication. Blogs, forums, milestones, instant messaging, and more! This is the perfect solution for small to mid-sized organizations who are looking for a free and effective collaboration tool to get things done.”


Kickstart Your Company’s Online Hub with TeamLab

May 18, 2011 Article

“When it comes to online solutions for the many problems and daunting tasks faced when running a business, a lot of app developers seem to be under the impression that your business can afford to invest hundreds in these apps. Unfortunately, for many small business starting out, the funds just aren’t there.
That’s where Teamlab comes in. It’s a promising (and completely free) change from the many apps available out there that charge extortionate amounts and only provide some basic functionality.”


What Freelancers Ought to Know About Project Management

April 27, 2011 Article

Distance work, time difference, location all over the world – freelancers face the problem of coordinating their projects with minimum efforts. The trendy SaaS-solutions for project management might be the way out.


Teamlab – cloud based collaboration platform

April 26, 2011 Article

"TeamLab is a multi faceted site application, which lets you manage projects, collaborate with clients and colleagues, also edit, and manage your important documents. Apart from these, you can also communicate effectively with your colleagues and friends at ease. This application can also be accessed through mobile phone where you can sign in and manage your work and colleagues."


Three Pillars of Solid Virtual office: Online Communication, Project Management and Shared Docs

April 19, 2011 Article

The speed of managing any kinds of business is increasing every day. Due to multiple benefits of online communication it's widely spread that meetings are held, tasks assigned and implemented distantly. In attempts to accelerate work processes within one project, team or firm yet even more modern corporate world generates considerable demand for web-based project management tools.


Teamlab a strong contender for online collaboration crown

April 6, 2011 Article

“In fact I shall probably regret love at first sight because these things tend to come back and bite you on the arse, but TeamLab is probably one of the best online collaboration tools I have come across for a long time.”


Teamlab Mobile: Track and Join Team Activities from iPhone and Android

April, 2011 Press Release

Ascensio System SIA, the developer of IT solutions for corporate use, announces the availability of the Teamlab Mobile version, optimized for iOS and Android platforms. This way mobile device holders obtain a consistent look for business and an alternative contact to colleagues regardless of PC location.


TeamLab: Free Enterprise Portal

March 7, 2011 Article

"TeamLab is a free online business collaboration software designed to make your project managing experience better and easier. It can be really hard to handle a project and dealing with all the other project members, giving them tasks, discussing with them about the project by going to them physically. But, you don’t have to do this when you have this free online project management software to help you. Once you start using TeamLab, you will see how managing projects can be easy."


TeamLab: Free Social Networking for Your Business

February 8, 2011 Article

“Those of you who have ever found yourself wishing you could merge the simplicity of a social networking tool like Facebook with the needs of business now have one more option with TeamLab, a robust and impressive online collaboration and project management tool from Ascensio Systems.”


Project planning and task management with TeamLab

February 6, 2011 Article

“Teamlab stood out above all others and to be honest I really couldn’t believe that it was free!  Not only does it look good and have a vast array of features, it’s also very polished.  What I liked as well was that they are very open to suggestions for improvement from their users, a few suggestions having already been included or planned in for later releases.”

Read more... Documents Stored, Edited and Shared Directly on the Corporate Portal

January, 2011 Press Release

Ascensio System SIA, the developer of IT solutions for corporate use, announces the availability of the Teamlab Documents module for the business collaboration platform TeamLab. The new toolset integrated directly in the platform interface provides users with a range of features for managing file flow, sharing, editing and importing documents.

Read more... Easy Migration from Basecamp to Free Project Management Platform

December 2, 2010 Press Release

Ascensio System SIA, the developer of web-based project management tools, announces the availability of Basecamp project import feature for their free open-source business collaboration platform TeamLab. The new feature is integrated directly in the platform interface and makes it possible to switch from the 37 signals application in one click.


Open Source Enterprise Collaboration Tool Teamlab Offers New Modules

July 22, 2010 Article

“If open source still makes you think of feature-bare products, command lines and dense nerd-level manuals, then you need to get with the times. TeamLabs is a fine example of open source Enterprise 2.0 at work. No more complicated than shopping on Amazon, it allows users to communicate, collaborate and project manage in a clear, stress-free style.”

Read more... Leveraging Employee Productivity for Zero Cost

July 15, 2010 Press Release

Ascensio System SIA, a developer and owner of, is launching the new version of TeamLab, a project management and social networking platform for enterprise. The enhanced product with the new feature set is offered in two solutions: as a ready-to-use cloud-based platform and as an open-source alternative to proprietary collaborative software. Teamlab hosted solution is provided absolutely free of charge.

Read more... Rolls Out Amazon Machine Image for Free Project Management Tool

May 10, 2010 Press Release

Ascensio System SIA, the developer of open-source enterprise tools, today announces the availability of Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for its free project management and collaboration platform TeamLab. Teamlab AMI is provided within Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud service and allows companies to quickly deploy and manage their own dedicated server with the pre-configured Teamlab platform. Teamlab AMI is provided free of charge.