How Kinderhaus Berlin shares and collaborates on sensitive files with ONLYOFFICE DocSpace

24 November 2023By Ksenija

The Kinderhaus Berlin installed ONLYOFFICE DocSpace Server to save their time with organizing the document workflow. Timo Petersohn, IT Helpdesk employee, talks about their experience.

How Kinderhaus Berlin shares and collaborates on sensitive files with ONLYOFFICE DocSpace

About Kinderhaus

Kinderhaus Berlin – Mark Brandenburg e.V. (the Berlin Children’s Home) is a public organization in the Berlin region, Germany, with around 45 location-independent projects. The range of sub-projects includes such working areas as day groups, outpatient care, independence groups, residential educational groups, family integration groups, etc.

Children and young people between the ages of 0 and 18 live here and the organization’s employees accompany them on their way into life.


In order to have more time for care and spend less time documenting case files, the Kinderhaus was looking for an easy-to-use office suite.

Mr. Petersohn reports that they collect particularly sensitive data. That’s why they needed a self-hosted solution. Nevertheless, the Kinderhaus wanted to keep up with the times and provide employees of the youth welfare office with the opportunity to work on digital files. This is possible via rooms and flexible permissions in ONLYOFFICE DocSpace (whereby it would be optimal for a more structured organization to be able to authorize individual users only to certain folders).

This is a pilot project in which not quite as many employees are participating, and it should be easy to administer. During the test phase, it became clear that ONLYOFFICE DocSpace Server is a good candidate for an all-in-one package.

Effective collaboration

According to Mr. Petersohn, all paperwork is done entirely in DocSpace and employees can work on a file at the same time.

Document editing and filling out forms is now quicker and easier. Everything is kept in one place, leaving more time for work activities.

At first, employees had to get used to DocSpace and its features, but now office documents no longer have to be sent by email and there are no multiple different versions of a document.

There is also easy access to the Kinderhaus server via the ONLYOFFICE desktop app. External employees from the youth welfare office are able to access certain documents without installation (provided they have a smartphone for 2-factor authentication).

Martina, social education worker:

We can now work much faster and easier than before with the network storage.