How to edit a PDF in 2024

28 June 2024By Dasha

Editing PDFs has become an essential skill for professionals and students alike. PDFs are widely used for their fixed formatting, ensuring that documents appear consistent across all devices. However, making changes to PDFs used to be a challenge. With advancements in technology, there are now several tools available to edit PDFs efficiently. In this article, we’ll explore how to edit a PDF in 2024.

How to edit a PDF in 2024

Editing PDFs is crucial for various reasons. Often, documents need updates or corrections after they are finalized in PDF format, such as correcting typos, updating outdated information, or adding new content. Additionally, businesses may need to customize PDFs for different clients, add signatures or annotations for review, and ensure the document adheres to branding guidelines. The ability to edit PDFs ensures that documents remain relevant, accurate, and professional without the need to recreate them from scratch.

How to edit PDF online

ONLYOFFICE PDF Editor (Online, Free)

Since version 8.1, ONLYOFFICE Docs provides an editor to make working with PDFs efficient and straightforward. It allows you to work with PDF content directly within the application. This feature is handy for quick reviews or when you need to access information from a PDF without converting it to another format.

Let’s see what steps you can take to edit a PDF in ONLYOFFICE editors.

1. Open a PDF file

If you are opening a file in the ONLYOFFICE PDF Editor for the first time, switch to editing mode. To do this, click Viewing in the upper right corner and select Editing instead. Alternatively, you can click the Edit PDF button in the Home tab.

In editing mode, you have full access to the suite of editing tools, enabling you to make comprehensive changes to the document’s content.

How to edit a PDF in 2024

2. Editing text in a PDF

One of the most common edits needed in PDFs is text modification. Here’s how to edit the text in ONLYOFFICE PDF Editor.

  • Click Edit text in the top toolbar.
  • Click on the text you want to edit. A text box will appear around the selected text.
  • Make the necessary changes using your keyboard. You can also adjust the font, size, and color using the text formatting options in the toolbar.

How to edit a PDF in 2024

3. Adding images and other elements

In addition to editing existing content, ONLYOFFICE PDF Editor also allows you to insert and customize various objects such as tables, shapes, text boxes, images, TextArts, etc.

  • To insert other elements, Go to the Insert tab.
  • Select the type of object you want to add.

How to edit a PDF in 2024

  • Once it is inserted, you can resize it by clicking and dragging the corners.
  • Move the object to the desired location by clicking and dragging it.

4. Working with pages

ONLYOFFICE PDF Editor also provides functionality to manage pages within your PDF, for example, add, rotate, and delete pages.

  • To add pages, select Blank page in the Home tab and specify where to insert a new page, before or after the actual one.

How to edit a PDF in 2024

  • To rotate a page, click it to make it active or select it in the Page Thumbnails panel. Click Rotate and specify the direction of rotation: right or left.
  • Select Delete page to remove the actual page.

5. Adding fillable fields

The ONLYOFFICE editor enables you to create interactive forms by adding fillable fields and customizing their settings.

You can add various types of form fields, including text boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, and dropdown lists, providing a wide range of options for collecting information.

How to edit a PDF in 2024

Other features:

Try to edit a PDF online with ONLYOFFICE PDF Editor by creating a free DocSpace account to use online editors:


You can also work locally with a free desktop app for Windows, Linux, or macOS.

Smallpdf (online, Paid/Free)

How to edit a PDF in 2024

Smallpdf is an online PDF editor that offers a variety of tools for editing, compressing, converting, and managing PDFs. It provides both free and paid versions, making it accessible for casual users and professionals alike. Smallpdf is compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms and can be accessed directly through any web browser.

Key features:

  • Text and image addition
  • PDF сompression
  • Conversion tools
  • E-Signature
  • Annotations

Note that some advanced features might require a subscription.

PDFescape (Online, Free)

How to edit a PDF in 2024

PDFescape is a free online PDF editor that provides a robust set of features for editing, annotating, and managing PDF files. It’s an accessible and user-friendly option for those who need basic PDF editing capabilities without downloading software. PDFescape works on both Mac and Windows platforms through any web browser, making it convenient for users across different operating systems.

Key features:

  • Text Editing
  • Form Filling
  • Annotations
  • Page Management
  • Password protection

How to edit PDF in desktop

Adobe Acrobat (Mac / Windows, Paid)

How to edit a PDF in 2024
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Adobe Acrobat is the industry standard for PDF editing and management, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for both basic and advanced PDF tasks. Available for both Mac and Windows platforms, Adobe Acrobat provides powerful features tailored for professionals.

Key features:

  • Advanced text editing
  • Image manipulation
  • OCR technology
  • Form creation
  • Password protection, encryption, and digital signatures
  • Review and collaboration

Foxit PDF Editor (Mac / Windows, Paid)

How to edit a PDF in 2024
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Foxit PDF Editor provides a cost-effective alternative to Adobe Acrobat Pro for both individual users and organizations. It offers a comprehensive set of editing features that rival professional-level PDF management tools.

Key features:

  • Text and Image Editing
  • Form Creation and Fillable Forms
  • Document Security
  • Scan and OCR
  • Collaboration
  • Smart Redact, an AI-based tool for automatically identifying and redacting sensitive information within PDFs

Nitro PDF Pro (Mac / Windows, Paid)

How to edit a PDF in 2024
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Nitro PDF Pro offers a comprehensive set of tools for creating, editing, and converting PDF files. It’s a popular choice for businesses due to its robust features. Available for Mac and Windows platforms.

Key features:

  • Text and Image Editing
  • Conversion Tools
  • Form Creation and Fillable Forms
  • Batch Processing
  • Document Collaboration
  • Passwords, permissions, and digital signatures
  • Cloud Integration
  • OCR and Scanning

Things you can change in a PDF 

Editing PDFs is not just about changing text or images. Here is a summary of what you can edit in a PDF:

  • Text: Modify, add, or delete text within the document.
  • Images: Insert, resize, move, or delete images.
  • Pages: Add, rotate, delete, or rearrange pages.
  • Annotations: Add comments, highlights, and notes for review.
  • Links: Insert, edit, or remove hyperlinks.
  • Forms: Create, fill out, or modify form fields.
  • Security: Set or change passwords and permissions.
  • Metadata: Update document properties such as title, author, and keywords.

These changes ensure that PDFs remain relevant, accurate, and professional without the need to recreate them from scratch.