How to install ONLYOFFICE DocSpace on Anolis OS

16 April 2024By Vincent

In this article, you will learn about Anolis OS, an open-source operating system, and how to install ONLYOFFICE DocSpace server on it. Explore the details below.

How to install ONLYOFFICE DocSpace on Anolis OS

About Anolis OS

Anolis OS is an open-source Linux distribution issued by OpenAnolis community and is compatible with the CentOS software ecosystem.

The Anolis OS is targeted at the server market and supports various hardware architectures and computing scenarios such as x86 and ARM.

How to installONLYOFFICE DocSpace on Anolis OS

How to install ONLYOFFICE DocSpace on Anolis OS

Need a collaborative space for office files? Consider installing ONLYOFFICE DocSpace on your Anolis OS to seamlessly create, edit and share documents.

With DocSpace server, the end user connects to the DocSpace through the ONLYOFFICE desktop editor or a web browser to collaborate with others to edit documents.

System requirements

  • CPU: at least 4-core (6-core recommended)
  • RAM: at least 8 GB (12 GB recommended)
  • HDD: at least 40 GB of free space
  • SWAP: at least 6 GB
  • OS: amd64 Linux distribution with kernel version 3.10 or later

Download the installation script

First, download ONLYOFFICE DocSpace server.


The downloading step is performed in text:


In VSCode, use the ssh installed when installing git to log in to the server and perform various operations.

How to installONLYOFFICE DocSpace on Anolis OS

Execute installation script

Execute this script to actually download the installation files and perform the installation.

Note: the execution of this installation script must manually specify the suffix parameters.

For RPM/DEB, use the following parameters:

bash package

For Docker, use the following parameters:

bash docker

Since Anolis OS can only be installed in docker, if you use the package parameter to execute the script, it will not be recognized as a CentOS operating system.

How to installONLYOFFICE DocSpace on Anolis OS

After this script is downloaded, it will automatically install the software. A message will be shown indicating successful installation.

How to installONLYOFFICE DocSpace on Anolis OS

Check the official installation guide in our Help Center.

Time to use ONLYOFFICE DocSpace

After the installation, it takes just a few more steps to begin managing and collaborating on office documents within ONLYOFFICE DocSpace.

Initialize the newly installed ONLYOFFICE DocSpace by setting administrator’s account and password.

How to installONLYOFFICE DocSpace on Anolis OS

Now you can create or upload documents to your DocSpace. Collaborate with others by inviting them to join your space or share documents in the following types of rooms.

  • Collaboration rooms: Co-author with one of two co-editing modes: real-time or paragraph-locking. Track changes, communicate in real-time using build-in chat or making audio and video calls.
  • Custom rooms: Apply your own settings to use rooms for any custom purpose: share a content for viewing only, request a review or comments on documents, etc.
  • Public rooms: Invite users via external links to allow them to view documents without registration. Embed Public rooms into any web interface.

How to installONLYOFFICE DocSpace on Anolis OS

Want to add ONLYOFFICE instance to your solution? Do not hesitate to contact us via email or tweet us at @only_office.