Introducing Data import: seamlessly migrate to ONLYOFFICE DocSpace

24 April 2024By Elena

We are thrilled to announce the release of ONLYOFFICE DocSpace, featuring an exciting new capability: Data import. This feature empowers administrators to effortlessly migrate data from collaborative platforms and services to ONLYOFFICE DocSpace, streamlining the transition process.

Introducing Data import: seamlessly migrate to ONLYOFFICE DocSpace

What is Data import?

Data import allows users to transfer data from third-party services directly to ONLYOFFICE DocSpace. This includes importing all users, their personal or shared documents, and more. With this functionality, portal admins can seamlessly upload a backup copy from Google Workspace, ONLYOFFICE Workspace or Nextcloud onto the Data import page, initiating a smooth migration process.

Here below we’ll show you how to migrate from ONLYOFFICE Workspace to ONLYOFFICE DocSpace. Let’s begin with creating a backup.

How to create a backup in ONLYOFFICE Workspace

The Backup/Restore features available in the Control Panel offer you the ability to backup your portal data. Access the Control Panel by signing in to your portal and clicking the ‘Control Panel’ icon on the Start Page. Alternatively, navigate to the portal’s ‘Settings’ and select the ‘Control Panel’ link from the left-side panel.

To manually create a backup of your portal data, navigate to the Backup page in the Сommon settings section on the left sidebar and utilize the Data Backup section. Follow these steps:

  1. To save the backup on your local drive, select the Computer file tab.
  2. Specify the path to the folder where you want to store your backup in the Choose the storage location field.Introducing Data import: seamlessly migrate to ONLYOFFICE DocSpace
  3. Click the Make backup button.

Upon completion of the backup process, you will find the backup .tar.gz file (portal-name_date_time.tar.gz) in the specified folder. If you selected the Temporary storage option, the link to download the created backup will be available for 24 hours.

How to import data into DocSpace

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to utilize Data import for ONLYOFFICE Workspace:

  1. Visit the Data import section within the settings.
  2. Download the backup file from ONLYOFFICE Workspace, labeled as dsmigration_2024-02-21_09-01-29.tar.gz.
  3. Choose the users you intend to migrate.
  4. Select the components for migration, such as users, groups, personal files, shared files, and shared folders.
  5. Allow time for the migration process to complete.

Introducing Data import: seamlessly migrate to ONLYOFFICE DocSpace

With Data import, transitioning to ONLYOFFICE DocSpace has never been easier. Whether migrating from Nextcloud, Google Workspace, or ONLYOFFICE Workspace, administrators can seamlessly transfer crucial data, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition for all users.

Why migrate to ONLYOFFICE DocSpace?

The collaborative platform of ONLYOFFICE DocSpace organized in an optimal way thanks to the concept of rooms, makes document collaboration simpler. Listed below are some of the most important reasons to choose ONLYOFFICE DocSpace:

Versatile room types. Tailor your DocSpace to fit your needs. Use Collaboration rooms, ideal for teamwork and multiple co-authoring. Create Public rooms for external access, Meeting rooms for Zoom meetings, Custom rooms for specific purposes, Private rooms for sensitive data (coming soon).

Introducing Data import: seamlessly migrate to ONLYOFFICE DocSpace

Work with various file formats. Collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, digital forms, PDFs, Markdown files, multimedia, and more, ensuring compatibility with MS Office standards.

Introducing Data import: seamlessly migrate to ONLYOFFICE DocSpace

AI Helper. As well as other ONLYOFFICE solutions, DocSpace at its turn lets you speed up your workflow with AI tools for generating text, images, code, spell checking, translation, and more.

Integrations. ONLYOFFICE DocSpace, designed for integration, offers an open API and developer tools, facilitating seamless integration into single-page applications (SPAs) or any other web-based platform.

The most common integration scenarios with DocSpace include:

  • Embedding separate rooms: Integrating DocSpace rooms into web apps, allowing file access without a DocSpace account.
  • Full platform integration: Use DocSpace for file storage, editing, and co-authoring within web app interfaces.
  • Third-party service integration: Developers create plugins to add new features by integrating external services or apps into DocSpace.

Introducing Data import: seamlessly migrate to ONLYOFFICE DocSpace

Our recent integrations have expanded the capabilities of DocSpace:

Zoom Integration: Collaborate on office files during virtual meetings, with all edited files stored in a collaboration room.

WordPress and Drupal Connectors: Embed DocSpace rooms and folders into web pages for easy document access without downloading, enabling direct editing and collaboration.

Zapier Integration (beta): Automate business tasks with Zaps for ONLYOFFICE DocSpace and apps like Zoom, Slack, OneDrive, and HubSpot. Stay tuned for more details and examples on our blog.

Introducing Data import: seamlessly migrate to ONLYOFFICE DocSpace

Plugins, designed to enhance platform functionality with new features and tools, like:

  • Create, edit, and insert diagrams and flowcharts.
  • Markdown: View, create, and edit .md files.
  • PDF converter: Convert docs, sheets, slides, and forms to PDF format.
  • Speech-to-text: Convert speech from audio and video files into text.

Admins and platform owners can enable these plugins, making them accessible to all DocSpace users. Additionally, users can create their own plugins to customize the collaborative platform according to their preferences.

High-level security features. Enjoy compliance with GDPR standards, industry-leading AES-256 encryption, secure access controls, and activity tracking.

Flexible pricing options. Choose the solution that suits your budget and needs, whether it’s the business cloud, enterprise server, or free cloud options for startups, schools, or non-profits. Pay for admins only and invite as many users as you need for free.

Cross-platform accessibility. Access and collaborate on documents from anywhere at any time or on any device, whether it’s your desktop, mobile, online or even offline with free office apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Introducing Data import: seamlessly migrate to ONLYOFFICE DocSpace

With ONLYOFFICE DocSpace, you get a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline collaboration, ensure data security, and boost productivity, making it the perfect choice for your document collaboration needs.


Experience the enhanced migration capabilities of ONLYOFFICE DocSpace v2.5 today and unlock a world of seamless document management possibilities and optimized team work.