Student opportunity: apply for ONLYOFFICE projects at OSPP 2024

30 April 2024By Alina

Exciting news! This year, we announced 4 projects at the Open Source Promotion Plan 2024, a major event in China’s open-source community.

Students worldwide are invited to apply for our projects. Participants will not only gain valuable experience but also receive a bonus and a certificate upon project completion. Read on to learn the details.

Student opportunity: apply for ONLYOFFICE projects at OSPP 2024

What is Open Source Promotion Plan

Open Source Promotion Plan (OSPP) is a summer program organized by the Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It aims to encourage college students to participate in developing and maintaining open-source software and promote the open-source community.

It’s open to college students around the world. Students can apply for a project they’re interested in. Accepted students will work on the project under the guidance of a community mentor. Participants who have passed the final assessment will receive a bonus and a certificate of completion.

Student opportunity: apply for ONLYOFFICE projects at OSPP 2024

Last year, ONLYOFFICE successfully completed two projects under the OSPP program. With the support of our mentors, students developed the ZhiPu Copilot plugin for text documents and the Baidu Search macro for spreadsheets.


This time, we decided to focus on plugin development to extend the functionality of our document editors. We introduced 4 development projects at a basic level of difficulty.

Each project requires a strong self-learning ability, knowledge of JavaScript, certain experience with developing plugins, and a willingness to learn the ONLYOFFICE API.

Writing AI plugin for ONLYOFFICE Spreadsheet and Presentation Editors

Enhance the capabilities of the ZhiPu plugin, which incorporates AI for content manipulation within documents, enabling users to utilize the plugin in the Spreadsheet and Presentation Editors. The plugin will help users optimize their productivity when working on sheets and slides, ultimately streamlining their workflow.


Writing a plugin to integrate resume builder with ONLYOFFICE

Build a fully functional plugin that can run in the ONLYOFFICE Document Editor. The plugin should utilize resume builder service. This integration will provide users with ready-to-use features that simplify the entire CV-building process, including creating, updating, and sharing a resume.


Writing a plugin to integrate icons and fonts library with ONLYOFFICE

In this project, we will develop a plugin for ONLYOFFICE which can help users to insert various icons and fonts to document, spreadsheet and presentation editors. It will enhance the creative possibilities and aesthetics of their work by providing a vast selection of visually appealing elements to choose from.


Writing a plugin to integrate ID photo converter with ONLYOFFICE

Develop a fully functional plugin that can operate within the ONLYOFFICE Document Editor. The plugin should utilize a module that can convert any portrait photo to ID photo. This integration will streamline the process of obtaining ID photos and ensure that users can efficiently adhere to specific photo requirements for official documents.


How to participate

Students can register and log in to the OSPP system through the student login portal on the official website, and fill in their personal information according to the requirements.

Project application time: April 30 – June 4, 2024, Beijing time (UTC+8)

Deadline for registration: June 3, 15:00 UTC+8.
Deadline for project application: June 4, 18:00 UTC+8.

Student opportunity: apply for ONLYOFFICE projects at OSPP 2024

Please note that a student must be at least 18 years old at the time of registration, and should have a valid student ID at the time of application. International students should provide their passport and admission letter/student ID card/certificate of enrollment to prove their student status.

For more details, please visit Student Guide.

What can you get

  • Meet open-source partners and technical experts.
  • Receive professional guidance from community mentors and have in-depth discussions with open-source project developers.
  • Gain project practical experience and improve project development skills.
  • Gain reference for learning direction and accumulate contacts for career development.
  • Obtain a bonus and a certificate: only students who pass the final-term evaluation will receive the bonus (~1103$ for a basic project).