Deploy ONLYOFFICE DocSpace into Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster

5 March 2024By Ksenija

Need a scalable instance of ONLYOFFICE DocSpace? Easily install it into Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster using Helm. Explore the details below.

Deploy ONLYOFFICE DocSpace into Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster

Benefits of using Helm for cluster deployment

The package manager Helm streamlines installation and maintenance of Kubernetes applications and can be compared to RPM or DEB packages in Linux, providing a convenient way for developers to package and ship an application to end users.

Once you have Helm installed and configured, you can deploy production-ready applications into your cluster with one simple ‘helm install’ command. When needed, you can remove the installed applications from the cluster also with a single line.

Brief installation steps

  1. Install a Kubernetes (version no lower than 1.19) or OpenShift (version no lower than 3.11) cluster in case you don’t have it.
  2. Install Kubectl on the cluster management host.
  3. Install Helm v3.7+.
  4. Deploy prerequisites, including Helm repositories, NFS Provisioner, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, Elasticsearch.
  5. Deploy ONLYOFFICE DocSpace with the following command: $ helm install [RELEASE_NAME] -f values.yaml onlyoffice/docspace
  6. Specify the needed parameters for successful running of DocSpace.

Check the complete tutorial on GitHub.

License activation

To be able to use ONLYOFFICE DocSpace in your Kubernetes/OpenShift cluster, you need to obtain a license.

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