How to earn with the ONLYOFFICE program for affiliates

4 January 2024By Ksenija

Have you ever thought about using ONLYOFFICE to make some money and get a stable income? You are welcome to join our affiliate program. In this post, we’ll tell you all the details.

How to earn with the ONLYOFFICE program for affiliates

How it works

In case you are new to the whole affiliate thing, we’ll briefly explain how it works: you post links on your website or social media resource and drive sales our way, and we pay you a commission.

Each user who will obtain our product from you, automatically gets the assigned status of your customer in our system. Important is that you will get paid for both the initial sale and each time your customers renew their subscriptions.

Who is this program suitable for?

Our affiliate program is flexible and suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or level of expertise.

What’s important is that you maintain a website or social media channel with the constant flow of interested visitors who will see your affiliate links and for whom ONLYOFFICE products are relevant.

In case you are using ONLYOFFICE yourself – it’s an additional advantage. This way, you better know what the product you are selling and how to promote it to your website audience.

What you can sell as an affiliate

You can sell ONLYOFFICE DocSpace, a collaborative platform with customizable rooms for any business purpose. Download product guide

How to earn with the ONLYOFFICE program for affiliates

Selling ONLYOFFICE Docs is also possible – we will discuss it individually with each affiliate.

How big your commission will be

You will receive 18% commission per sale at the start. The longer you participate in the program and the bigger the sum of your monthly sales, the higher commission rate you can get.

Will you get assistance?

For sure! We provide professional support for both our users and affiliates. We are interested in your sales success and also provide you with promo materials. If necessary, you can consult our marketing team about your blog/website content that will help you promote ONLYOFFICE to drive more sales.

How to get started

Our affiliates work and get their payouts through a reliable and secure channel – Rewardful. It is simple and user-friendly affiliate software by Stripe.

  1. Learn the terms of the Affiliate Policy and make sure you agree before you join.
  2. Register as an affiliate.
  3. Generate your personal affiliate links and place them on your website to start selling.
  4. Get from 18% of sales every month via your Rewardful portal.


If you have any questions regarding the affiliate program, contact us via