Barbie font: where to find and how to use

15 January 2024By Alice

In the vast universe of fonts, few are those that, especially in the past year, have attracted attention and expressed a distinctive character such as Barbie typescript.

Barbie font: where to find and how to use

After the resounding success of Greta Gerwig’s movie (2023), there are many creators who have considered the unique magic and charm that the Barbie script can bring to their work.

Read this article to find out how to incorporate it into your list of favorite fonts and use it whenever you want!

Why Barbie font is so loved

What does the Barbie font have that others don’t? Beyond its association with the iconic doll, this style carries with it an unmistakable blend of playfulness and elegance that can bring any digital creation to life.Barbie font: where to find and how to use

The style choice can impact readability, convey tone, and even influence the overall effectiveness of communication. Just think of the Barbie logo itself and how that easily comes to mind for anyone who has seen it at least once.

That’s why you may want to integrate this script in your works!

Where to find and download Barbie fonts

These legendary scripts were created ad hoc to fit perfectly with the doll’s style, which is why there is no official name for Barbie font, but many amateurs and designers have rolled up their sleeves to create a font as close as possible to the original.

Notice that some fonts might better work for sites and digital contents, while others are more indicated if you need to print the font out.

Several specialized sites offer the possibility to download the font for free for personal use:

Free Fonts Vault

The first one we suggest is Free Fonts Vault which allows you to choose your favourite version depending on your preferred vintage (Barbie’s logo over the years has evolved no less than 5 times!).

Whether you need the elegant cursive or the 3D font with a pop soul, the site got you covered.


The second site we suggest is FontBolt. Here you can download the font either for free (remember, for personal use) or for a fee, thus having the opportunity to obtain the commercial license and full functionality.

But not only that: give free rein to your imagination by mixing styles and colors, so you can create the ideal combination you need (for example, if you just can’t stand candy pink!) thanks to the Barbie font generator.

Barbie font: where to find and how to use
(FontBolt Barbie font generator)

You can find more Barbie font generators on TextStudio and FontMeme.

Barbie font: where to find and how to use
(TextStudio Barbie font generator)


If you need to use Canva, then we suggest the fonts “Satisfy,” “Bukhari script,” and “Nickainley,” which with their curvy, rounded lines are reminiscent of the more classic version of the original.


On Dafont we found Dollie script, available both for free for personal use and for a fee for commercial use. The Dollie font is also indicated for prints, since the space between the letters is well balanced, and it is also usable for different alphabets.

Barbie font: where to find and how to use
(Dafont – Dollie Script)

Fonts for Cricut

If you need more printer-friendly Barbie typescripts, Medium provided with a list of the best scripts you might want to consider. It gives a detailed explanation of why you should choose one character over another

Once you have downloaded the fonts, all you have to do is install them on your products.

How to install Barbie fonts on your computer

Installing new fonts is very simple, you just have to follow a few rules. We will show you how to do it depending on the operating system you use.

The first thing to do is to download the font of your choice. If the file is downloaded as a .zip or .rar then you will need to extract it.

  • Windows

Once it is extracted, you are ready to proceed. Double click on the file and wait for the window to open.

Barbie font: where to find and how to use

Once the window has opened, just click “Install”.

The second and final step is to copy the file to the “Fonts” folder (C:\Windows\Fonts).

Barbie font: where to find and how to use

  • MacOS

Simply double click the font file and the Font Book app will open. You will be asked whether you want to install this font.

Start Font Book and press the Add button on the Fonts panel. Choose the font file and press Open. The Font will be installed automatically.

Barbie font: where to find and how to use

  • Linux

On Linux, fonts are stored in the following folders: /usr/share/fonts/ for global fonts available for all users and ~/.local/share/fonts or ~/.fonts for local fonts available for the current user. You need to download the font file and copy it to one of these folders.

Many Linux systems, Ubuntu, for instance, have a built-in font viewer, so you can open the file using this app and click the Install button.

How to add Barbie font to Word document

Let’s see how to add fonts using the ONLYOFFICE Desktop editors as an example.

Once you have installed the font on your computer following the instructions above, you can start using it immediately.

Now just open your editor and you will find the added fonts right here.

Barbie font: where to find and how to use

You can now use the script in your document.

Barbie font: where to find and how to use

If you don’t have ONLYOFFICE Editors installed on your computer, do it right now! Download the right desktop version compatible with your operation system.


How to use the font in Google Docs

In Google Docs, you will find some Barbie-fashioned styles, but you will have to add them to the pre-existing list. Let’s see how to do it.

First of all, click on the list of fonts and click “More fonts”.

Barbie font: where to find and how to use

Once the window has opened, look for the scripts in the search bar. We suggest “Dancing script”, “Great vibes” and “Satisfy”. Once you click on the font that you like, it will be automatically displayed in the column “My fonts” on the right. When you are done, just click “Ok”.

Barbie font: where to find and how to use

Now your new fonts have been added to the list. Type your text, choose the font, and here you go! Now you can use Barbie fonts on Google Docs.

Barbie font: where to find and how to use

This is all you need to know to make your documents stunning and stylish with the most fashionable font of the past year!