ONLYOFFICE 2023 in numbers: development, marketing & sales

25 December 2023By Ksenija

It’s time to look back at the year and reflect on what has been done. In this post, explore the most important results of ONLYOFFICE in numbers related to development, marketing and sales, including the latest product releases, new office locations, customers, partners, events, and more.

ONLYOFFICE 2023 in numbers: development, marketing & sales

2 new office locations

Along with our European office in Riga (Latvia), we opened another branch in the mainland Europe in Belgrade (Serbia) to expand our development group for ONLYOFFICE integrations and find new talents. This way we broadened our international team in the place which represents an important crossroad between Europe, Asia and Africa.

Furthermore, to incorporate all our existing branches under the ONLYOFFICE brand, we registered the holding company in Singapore.

ONLYOFFICE 2023 in numbers: development, marketing & sales

Check all ONLYOFFICE locations

67 new team members

Our team keeps growing both in numbers and geographic reach. In 2023, 67 new team members became part of ONLYOFFICE, located all over the world: Germany, Italy, Serbia, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan.

ONLYOFFICE 2023 in numbers: development, marketing & sales

Besides, this year our team grew as follows:

  • 4 new sales representatives
  • 58 new translators joined our project
  • 60 new contributors on Upwork
  • 261 new contributors on HackerOne

Would you like to join our team? Take a look at the list of available vacancies. Who knows, maybe a dream job is already waiting for you!

1 new product + 1 new editor

This year, we brought the brand-new product to our portfolio – ONLYOFFICE DocSpace (available both as cloud and on-prem) intended to boost document collaboration with any users you need to interact. It provides customizable rooms with flexible permissions and allows working on any content.

In version 2.0 of DocSpace, we added Public rooms for easier file sharing with external users, plugins, data reassignment, RTL interface, and other enhancements.

Moreover, we presented the very first version of our native PDF Editor which supports annotations (including text highlight, underline and strikethrough), form filling, comments, and drawing. In the next releases, we are going to add collaborative editing of PDF files as well.

ONLYOFFICE 2023 in numbers: development, marketing & sales

9 major Docs releases

Web & desktop

We released 3 major updates with the long-awaited features and 4 intermediate updates with bug fixes, both for online and desktop editors.

In total, during the year we added around 170 new features and fixed around 220 bugs for ONLYOFFICE Docs.

Mobile apps

ONLYOFFICE mobile apps for working with docs on the go – ONLYOFFICE Documents – got 3 updates each:

52 new integrations

A lot has been done in the integrations development – both internal and external ones. 

Thus, this year brought 35 new integrations with various web services built by various developers worldwide.

Among 11 new integration apps which allow using ONLYOFFICE Docs with other cloud platforms you will find connectors for:

ONLYOFFICE 2023 in numbers: development, marketing & sales

Moreover, we added 6 new plugins which allow using extra features within the editors.

ONLYOFFICE 2023 in numbers: development, marketing & sales

  • ChatGPT to perform AI-assisted tasks with text.
  • Zoom to make video calls right in the editors.
  • Speech Input to write text with voice.
  • OCR to recognize text in photos and images.
  • ZhiPu Copilot to use the Chinese AI features.
  • TerMef to insert the definitions of words and phrases as footnotes when working with French texts.

Besides, our new Plugin Manager allows exploring all available plugins and installing or removing any plugin with just one click.

300+ new customers

The number of our customers is constantly growing. And 2023 is no exception. Here are some of the success stories from our users from various areas of performance who agreed to share their experience.

ONLYOFFICE 2023 in numbers: development, marketing & sales

Would like to share your own experience of using ONLYOFFICE or request new features? Contact us at with your own story to be featured in the blog, or leave your suggestions via forum.

50+ new partnerships

Our partners, resellers and integrators help us bring high-quality office software to the existing corporate ecosystems all over the world. So, we want to express our gratitude to all ONLYOFFICE partners, the ones that have been working with us for years and those who joined our project in 2023.

ONLYOFFICE 2023 in numbers: development, marketing & sales

Here are some of the success stories provided by our partners this year:

Would like to join the ONLYOFFICE partner network? Submit your request right now

10+ new awards

This year, ONLYOFFICE came first and got Platinum in IT Awards 2023, in the category Cloud Content Management. We say our sincerest thanks to everyone involved! It’s a big honor for us!

ONLYOFFICE 2023 in numbers: development, marketing & sales

2023 became the year of AI and we did not stand aside. Thus, during the Shenzhen Global Artificial Intelligence Expo (GAIE) in China, ONLYOFFICE was named the best platform with AI by the expert jury.

ONLYOFFICE 2023 in numbers: development, marketing & sales

Among further awards there are, for instance:

70+ events attended & sponsored

To exchange ideas, share experiences and get valuable feedback, we participated in various events around the globe where in 2023 we made more than 1500 new contacts! We suggest you explore the latest autumn’23 roundup of events.

ONLYOFFICE 2023 in numbers: development, marketing & sales

As always, you can also check both the past and upcoming events on our official website and keep on track on our social media channels: X, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

And, of course, we are open for invitations. If you would like to invite us to exhibit, sponsor, or speak at your event, just get in touch.

Besides, in 2023, we streamed 20 insightful webinars in various languages (English, German, French, Chinese) to showcase ONLYOFFICE products and releases, as well as assist users during the back-to-school season.


5 specials

3 new programs launched

We revamped ONLYOFFICE Affiliate Program to make it more comfortable and transparent: it now works via Rewardful, simple and user-friendly affiliate software by Stripe. Join now

We also started ONLYOFFICE Campus Ambassador Program for university students around the world to gibe them an opportunity to contribute to open sourceCheck the first results

Besides, we launched our own program for influencers which allows promoting ONLYOFFICE among the audience and get rewarded. Interested? Apply now

2 initiatives taken

For the second year in a row, we support the 4L Trophy humanitarian adventure. This time, it’s team 0426 and their charity mission to help children in Morocco.

ONLYOFFICE 2023 in numbers: development, marketing & sales

Additionally, we took part in Open Source Promotion Plan by the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences. There we introduced two development projects on behalf of our open-source community.

Interesting fact: Eeshaan Sawant, one of the OSSP participants who built the Baidu Search macro for ONLYOFFICE, has already joined our team of technical writers and is now extending the API documentation with new examples.

Social channels engagement in 2023

This year, we got 4 new social media accounts: Threads, Telegram, Tencent Video and Baijiahao (百家号).

  • 10.000+ new subscribers on our social media channels
  • +117 new videos on our YouTube & TikTok
  • +472 new topics and +3383 new posts on our forum

ONLYOFFICE website & blog in 2023

  • +50% more website visitors
  • 1M+ blog readers
  • 190+ published blog posts

ONLYOFFICE sales revenue in 2023

ONLYOFFICE 2023 in numbers: development, marketing & sales

  • +25% sales revenue*
  • +30% sales via the partner network

*If taken by the regions, the numbers are the following:

  • +30% sales in Europe
  • +30% sales in USA
  • +20% sales in Asia

ONLYOFFICE 2023 in numbers: overview

ONLYOFFICE 2023 in numbers: development, marketing & sales