How to write a Christmas greeting card?

21 December 2023By Vlad

Christmas greeting cards are a cherished tradition, allowing us to connect with loved ones and express our deepest emotions during this festive time of year. Discover the fundamental tips for writing a personalized card in this article.

How to write a Christmas greeting card?

What is a Christmas greeting card?

A Christmas greeting card is a form of greeting card that is sent during the Christmas season to convey sentiments of goodwill and celebration. These cards can display religious symbols, such as nativity scenes or angels, or secular winter motifs like snowflakes and Santa Claus.

How to write a Christmas greeting card?
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The tradition of sending Christmas cards originated in England in 1843, when the first Christmas card was designed by John Callcott Horsley. The cards typically feature festive greetings and well wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Today, Christmas cards are popular worldwide and come in various designs, often sold by charities to raise funds.

Best practices for Christmas greeting cards

The style of writing isn’t the same in any Christmas greeting card. Bearing in mind the relationship you have with recipients, you would choose among formal and informal vocabulary, design, and tone of voice.

Therefore, it’s important to follow some best practices to ensure your message is heartfelt and well-received. Here are a few common tips.

1. Keep recipients in mind

Your parents, girlfriend, CEO, potential partners — all these people would be happy to receive a greeting card from you. However, different words should be used in the text.

For example, when writing a Christmas greeting card to your girlfriend, the tone of voice should be warm and affectionate. You can use nicknames or terms of endearment that are special to your relationship to add a personal touch.

How to write a Christmas greeting card?
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Christmas greeting cards addressed to your potential partners should be written in rather formal style. Although many companies can follow open-minded corporate culture, you never know when smaller humorous things will be perceived as frivolity. The best strategy would be to compose a minimalistic text with sincere wishes.

2. Add a festive greeting

Start with a cheerful greeting, such as Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. They probably sound too generic, but most Christmas cards have exactly these captions — so why reinvent a wheel?

You can always give way to your creativity, of course.

3. Personalize the message

In other words, remember to call the recipients by their names — they will think of your Christmas card as showing special affection.

When writing a greeting card to your loved one, recall cherished memories of a special moment you shared together. Show your appreciation for her/his being by your side during the holiday season. Share your hopes and dreams or even include jokes and funny references.

How to write a Christmas greeting card?
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4. Use quotes that convey Christmas vibes

Even professional writers are often struggling to find the right words. Include a heartfelt quote or a line from a Christmas carol that resonates with the holiday spirit.

How to write a Christmas greeting card?
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5. Choose Christmas greeting card template

Short on time or need to send a large number of cards? Use our templates with a personal touch in ONLYOFFICE Docs — you can either send these greeting cards in PDF, or print, fill out, and send via snailmail.

Christmas card with a snowman

How to write a Christmas greeting card?
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How to write a Christmas greeting card?
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How to write a Christmas greeting card?
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