ONLYOFFICE supports team 0426 at 4L Trophy and shares its humanitarian values

5 October 2023By Dasha

We are pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, ONLYOFFICE has become a sponsor of the team taking part in the 4L Trophy, supporting the humanitarian values of the rally.

ONLYOFFICE supports team 0426 at 4L Trophy and shares its humanitarian values

What 4L Trophy is

The 4L Trophy is an annual Renault 4 retro car rally for young people aged between 18 and 28. It is the largest event for students in Europe. As last year, Participants compete to cover as few kilometers as possible from Biarritz (France) to Marrakech (Morocco), which is about 6,000 kilometers.

At the same time, each crew must bring a minimum load of donations: 50 kg of school equipment and 10 kg of foodstuffs. Thanks to these donations, each 4L Trophy edition provides nearly 60 tonnes of school and sports equipment for children in the southern Moroccan desert, and over 10 tonnes of non-perishable foodstuffs for the most disadvantaged families in France.

Watch the video about the team supported by ONLYOFFICE in 4L Trophy 2022:

4L Trophy values

Apart from being a sporting competition, the 4L Trophy rally is also, above all, a humanitarian mission. Together with charitable organizations, the 4L Trophy helps and highlights a wide range of social, economic, and environmental problems. These are the values that the race promotes:

  • Education for everyone. The rally participants bring educational equipment and can donate to the local Enfants du désert (Children of the Desert) aid association. Donations will be used to build schools in remote areas of the region.
  • Available food. The French Red Cross supports and accompanies the trophy holders on this adventure. At the same time, each team has to deliver 10 kilograms of food. This ensures that around ten tons of food is delivered each year, which is redistributed to French families in need.
  • Accessible water supply. The Cap Eco Solidaire association is dedicated to sensitizing participants to the need for environmental awareness and a flexible driving style. Its main objective is to unite solidarity and environmental responsibility. The association plans to finance a wastewater collection and recycling project in the Ifrane region of Morocco. The project aims to make the water supply more accessible.
  • Environmental protection. The Green Brigade works throughout the rally, encouraging young drivers to adopt a more flexible driving style and therefore emit less CO2 on the road. At the stops, they set up garbage cans and hand out waste bags made of oxo-degradable materials. They take care to minimize the destruction of landscaping and plants.

Team 0426

ONLYOFFICE supports team 0426 at 4L Trophy and shares its humanitarian values

Meet Clément Ageneau and Guillaume Crémoux, two members of the 0426 team already preparing for the rally. Guillaume, aged 23, works as a topographer for a geodesic firm. His colleague, Clément, is 21 years old and works as an assistant project manager in a civil engineering department. Both are continuing their studies at the Higher School of Geometry and Topography (ESGT) in Le Mans, France.

They heard about the 4L trophy project through a friend who had taken part in the previous edition. He told them about the project, which aroused their curiosity. Besides, Clément and Guillaume wanted to mark the end of their studies with a great project like the 4L Trophy.

We decided to take part because we wanted to see other things, other cultures. We love cars, so setting off on an adventure aboard a legendary vehicle seemed exciting. What’s more, the humanitarian aid we provide makes perfect sense, as it enables children to study in better conditions. Humanitarianism, the discovery of other cultures, and adventure are the driving forces behind our project.

The car was found in the neighborhood of Nantes. They liked the color and style of the Starsky & Hutch very much, and it was in excellent condition. After some research, they saw pictures of this car on the Internet, even “memes” about it, which shows that the car attracts with its quirky style.

The guys are now busy getting the car ready. The interior is almost done. The engine has been overhauled and the head gasket will soon be replaced.

Call for sponsors

We are happy to share the values that the 4L Trophy promotes and support the students’ initiative to get involved. Join the humanitarian mission of the 4L Trophy!

You can also help the 0426 crew with car repairs and equipment purchases by contacting them: