How ONLYOFFICE facilitates collaboration for schools in Donaueschingen

26 October 2023By Ksenija

The IT department of the Donaueschingen municipal schools integrated ONLYOFFICE Docs with their ownCloud environment to securely edit and store documents in the cloud. Antonio Gentilini, Head of IT, talks about his department’s experience in the education sector.

How ONLYOFFICE facilitates collaboration for schools in Donaueschingen

Whom we interviewed

The IT department which is responsible for the municipal schools in Donaueschingen, a city in Germany. They currently supervise about 4000 users and 2000 devices in the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment. The main task is to ensure that the schools’ IT infrastructure runs smoothly and supports the educational process.

How ONLYOFFICE facilitates collaboration for schools in Donaueschingen
Photo credit: Heinrichfeurstein-Schule in Donaueschingen


Antonio Gentilini tells us that they came across ONLYOFFICE while searching for a solution that could replace the functionality of MS Office for the school needs while being hosted on-premise.

ONLYOFFICE met all the criteria. The collaborative work opportunity was especially important. ONLYOFFICE proved to be the ideal choice to meet the existing requirements as a powerful, locally hosted office application while supporting collaboration in the Donaueschingen schools.

What is also important, the integration of ONLYOFFICE Docs into the existing ownCloud environment has proven to be seamless and user-friendly.

Effective collaboration in education

Teachers and students in Donaueschingen can now seamlessly work on their projects, share office files, and collaborate online, streamlining the teaching and learning process. With ONLYOFFICE, they perform multiple tasks, including creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Real-time co-authoring, commenting and version control features are especially useful for teamwork.

According to Antonio Gentilini, the implementation of ONLYOFFICE also led to more efficient and cost-effective management of their IT resources.

In the future, the IT department plans to expand the use of ONLYOFFICE to further boost collaboration and productivity in the schools and their department. They are confident that it will help further modernize Donaueschingen’s educational institutions and drive digital transformation.

Antonio Gentilini, Head of IT of the Donaueschingen municipal schools:

ONLYOFFICE has taken our IT department and the Donaueschingen city schools to the new level in terms of document processing and collaboration. We would definitely recommend ONLYOFFICE to other educational institutions and organizations.