How to add header and footer in Excel sheet

27 October 2023By Dasha

Adding headers and footers to your documents is a useful way to improve their quality, making them more professional and informative. In Excel sheets, these elements can contain important information, such as page numbers, titles, dates, or any other relevant information to improve the organization and presentation of your data. Read this article to discover how to add headers in Excel sheets.

How to add header and footer in Excel sheet

Headers and footers are areas of a printed or exported document that sit at the top and bottom of each page. These areas allow you to include additional information that can serve as context, a picture, or a company logo.

The header in Excel sheets is located at the top of each printed page or in the top section of a worksheet, making it easy to maintain a standard look and feel for printed documents. It usually contains information such as headings, page numbers, and company names. You can also include text, dates, and times.

The footer is placed at the bottom of each printed page or worksheet, ensuring that specific information appears. Footers typically include document names, file paths, and copyright notices.

In Excel sheets, you can customize the header and footer content to meet your needs. The ability to include headers and footers is especially useful when you plan to print an Excel document, create a PDF file, or share it with others, as it allows you to provide additional context and information beyond what is visible in the spreadsheet itself.

Now, let’s see how to insert a header and footer in an Excel sheet using the ONLYOFFICE spreadsheet editor.

How to insert header in Excel

To insert a header in an Excel sheet, open your workbook in the ONLYOFFICE spreadsheet editor and go to the Insert or Layout tab on the top toolbar. Then, click the Header&Footer button.

How to add header and footer in Excel sheet

In the opened Header/Footer Settings window, you can configure the following settings:

  • Different first page to apply a different header or footer to the very first page or in case you don’t want to add any header/footer to it at all. The First page tab will appear below.
  • Different odd and even pages to add different headers/footers for odd and even pages. The Odd page and Even page tabs will appear below.
  • Scale with document to scale the header and footer together with the worksheet.
  • Align with page margins to align the left header/footer to the left margin and the right header/footer to the right margin.

It is possible to customize the settings for all pages or to set the header/footer for the first page, as well as for all pages. Switch to the desired tab and customize the available settings.

How to add header and footer in Excel sheet

After that, adjust the header settings. Click the left, center, and right header fields and use one of the ready-made Presets or insert the necessary data manually.

How to add header and footer in Excel sheet

Use the Insert list to add Page number, Page count, Date, Time, File name, or Sheet name.

You can also format the text inserted into the header using the corresponding controls. It is possible to change the default font, size, and color, apply font styles, and use subscript or superscript characters.

Once your header is set, click OK.

How to insert footer

Adding footers in Excel sheets is also possible from the Header/Footer Settings window. Configure the settings as described above. And then go to the footer settings fields. Customize the information that will be visible in the footer and click OK.

How to add header and footer in Excel sheet

The added header and/or footer will be displayed in the printed version of the spreadsheet.

To edit the added headers and footers, click the Header&Footer button on the top toolbar, make the necessary changes, and click OK to save them.

How to insert image in header and footer

To brand your document, you can add your logo to the footers or headers or just a background picture.

To do this, go to the Header/Footer Settings window again by clicking on the Header&Footer button in the Insert or Layout tab.

After that, go to the header or footer options, and select Picture from the Insert drop-down list.

How to add header and footer in Excel sheet

Select a file from your PC’s storage and click Select. The corresponding picture will be added to your header or footer. Save your changes by clicking OK.

How to print headers and footers

If your workbook is ready, you can print it with added headers and footers.

Go to the File tab and choose the Print option. In the preview, you will see what your file will look like as printed. Read this article to learn how to set up the best way to print Excel sheets to save time and paper.

In the preview, you will also see both the headers and footers that you customize. If something doesn’t work for you, you can change the settings by clicking Header/Footer settings in the print parameters.

How to add header and footer in Excel sheet

If everything looks great, you can click Print to print the file with headers and footers.

Insert headers and footers to your Excel sheets with ONLYOFFICE editors

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