Meet the ZhiPu Copilot Plugin for ONLYOFFICE

27 September 2023By Serge

We are delighted to introduce you to the ZhiPu Copilot plugin, which is now available in our Plugin Marketplace. This plugin, developed by Lin Jianbo, a dedicated participant in the OSPP program, essentially offers the same capabilities as the ChatGPT plugin but it’s tailored to work seamlessly with Chinese AI.

Meet the ZhiPu Copilot Plugin for ONLYOFFICE

About the ZhiPu Copilot

This plugin harnesses the power of ZhiPu AI, integrating cutting-edge AI models to enhance your ONLYOFFICE experience.

Lin Jianbo embarked on an inspiring journey during this development. With exceptional expertise, he skillfully integrated features that seamlessly complement ONLYOFFICE’s functionality. The features include:

  • Summarization of selected text

This feature simplifies research, decision-making, and content analysis, saving users valuable time and effort.

Meet the ZhiPu Copilot Plugin for ONLYOFFICE

Where to find: ZhiPu Copilot-> summarize

  • Explanations for selected text

It provides users with detailed explanations, making it a valuable tool for students, researchers, and professionals.

Meet the ZhiPu Copilot Plugin for ONLYOFFICE

Where to find: ZhiPu Copilot-> explain

  • Translation of selected text into English, Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish.

Users can seamlessly switch between the supported languages, breaking down language barriers and facilitating effective communication.

Meet the ZhiPu Copilot Plugin for ONLYOFFICE

Where to find: ZhiPu Copilot-> translate

  • Automatic text content generation based on prompts

Whether it’s drafting reports, creating content for websites, or brainstorming ideas, this feature streamlines the content creation and boosts productivity.
Meet the ZhiPu Copilot Plugin for ONLYOFFICE

Meet the ZhiPu Copilot Plugin for ONLYOFFICE

Where to find: ZhiPu Copilot-> generate

  • Natural language conversations with the AI assistant

Users can enjoy a more intuitive and user-friendly experience with ONLYOFFICE, as they can engage in conversations, ask questions, and receive assistance.

Meet the ZhiPu Copilot Plugin for ONLYOFFICE

Where to find: in the side panel of the ZhiPu Copilot plugin.

How to install and use

Installation via Plugin Manager:

  • Go to the Plugins tab and open the Plugin Manager.
  • Go to the Marketplace tab.
  • Search for the ZhiPu Copilot plugin via the Search bar on the right.
  • Click Install.

Manual installation:

  • Find and download the ZhiPu Copilot plugin from the ONLYOFFICE plugin repository.
  • Archive the plugin files (it must contain config.json, index.html, and pluginCode.js)
  • Change the file extension to .plugin.
  • Go to the Plugins tab, click Settings >> Add plugin, browse for the .plugin file.

Plugin setup:

Meet the ZhiPu Copilot Plugin for ONLYOFFICE

  • Click on the ZhiPu Copilot icon and choose settings:

Meet the ZhiPu Copilot Plugin for ONLYOFFICE

  • Choose the preferred AI model and paste your API key:

Meet the ZhiPu Copilot Plugin for ONLYOFFICE

A more detailed tutorial on adding the plugin can be found here.

Our participation in the OSPP program

The Open Source Promotion Plan (OSPP) is administered by the Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as part of the broader Open Source Software Supply Chain Promotion Initiative. Its core mission is to actively engage students worldwide in the improvement and maintenance of open-source software. The program fosters collaboration with open-source communities at local and global levels, concentrating on tasks that enhance vital open-source software projects.

May 2023 marked our participation in the OSPP program, where we introduced various projects on behalf of our open-source community. Notably, the ZhiPu Copilot plugin elevates ONLYOFFICE editors to new heights by leveraging the impressive capabilities of Chinese AI.

What’s next

We take great pride in our vital role within the open-source community, a commitment we wholeheartedly embrace. Our journey within the Open Source Promotion Plan Program is a shining example of our dedication to nurturing collaboration and innovation.

Moreover, we extend a heartfelt invitation to all our users, both longtime and recent, to participate in this mission. Together, we can define the direction of open-source productivity tools, tailoring them even further to meet your unique needs. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we look forward to the limitless potential that lies ahead in the world of open source.

Please note that ONLYOFFICE assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of the information provided by ZhiPu AI.