Best AI writers 2023

1 September 2023By Dasha

If you work with articles, blogs, posts, advertisements, and other types of text, artificial intelligence will help you get inspired, give you new directions, and reduce the time to complete the task. Let’s explore what an AI writer is, how to use it, and find out the 10 best AI writing software for different purposes.

Best AI writers 2023

What is an AI writer and how does it work?

AI writer, also known as AI text generator, refers to generative AI applications that generate written content. It is designed to understand and analyze vast amounts of text data, learn patterns, and generate human-like text based on that analysis.

At the heart of all AI writing tools is usually one algorithm. First, the AI model is trained on large amounts of textual data from the Internet and other sources. It learns statistical patterns and language structures.

After that, the model is customized for specific tasks or domains. This results in more accurate and relevant text for use cases, such as writing news articles or answering questions.

Once the AI model is trained and tuned, it can generate text based on input prompts. The user gives a specific hint or instruction, and the model proposes text that matches the given context. The output text is generated based on the patterns and knowledge gained during training.

The generated text may not always be perfect or accurate and match the query. Users can provide feedback on the generated text, and AI writing software can be further trained and refined to improve their performance and minimize errors.

Since the explosion in popularity of generative AI provoked by the launch of ChatGPT, other tools are trying to keep up and improve their algorithms. Let’s explore 10 examples of the best AI writers.

11 best AI writers

1. Jasper AI

Best AI writers 2023
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Jasper AI is considered the most advanced AI writing software. It is capable of producing a qualified 1500-word article in seconds.

It also offers a large number of templates for creating content using artificial intelligence, including blog posts, emails, marketing copy, ad generators, SEO meta titles and descriptions, press releases, and more.

For companies, a particular bonus will be the Jasper Brand Voice feature. It will create its own data bank, that will then automatically fill its text with company and product facts, brand tones, and stylistic references specific to the company.


  • Long text writing
  • Human-like writing
  • SEO generator
  • 50+ templates
  • Multi-language support

Price: The Jasper Starter version costs $29 (one-off payment) and offers all the features you need to get started, such as customization, language selection, scheduling features, and more. The Creator plan is priced at $39 per month and the Team plan is $99 per month.

2. ChatGPT

Best AI writers 2023
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Launched in 2022, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has taken over the Internet. It is one of the fastest tools for AI writing. With just one request, it generates content or answers your questions within seconds. ChatGPT has an exceptional ability to generate content to help with research.

ChatGPT can be useful to SEO writers, authors, content writers, and copywriters when creating outlines for content, writing social media captions, helping to create meta descriptions and meta titles, etc. With its free version, ChatGPT has also become a popular essay-writing tool for students.

One of the advantages of ChatGPT is its integration with many applications and tools, such as Google, WordPress, or ONLYOFFICE editors.


  • Quick reply
  • Summary generation of large text
  • Accepts requests up to 1000 characters
  • Free version
  • Simple interface

Price: ChatGPT can be used free of charge and without any restrictions. An optional premium version of ChatGPT Plus is also available for $20 per month.

3. Frase AI

Best AI writers 2023
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Frase is another useful AI writer for creating SEO-oriented content. It generates content briefs and blog articles, as well as makes suggestions to further optimize your post for keywords increasing your chances of ranking.

In particular, this AI content writing tool is a great choice if you are working with multiple team members. It features collaborative features such as sharing editable links and creating project folders.


  • Content optimization
  • Articles generation
  • Collaboration features
  • SEO optimization
  • Google Search Console (GSC) integration

Price: The costs start at $14.99/month, and Pro for any plan is $35/month.


Best AI writers 2023
Image source: is a tool that can be used to create anything from social media content to product descriptions. It has an easy-to-use user interface and allows you to use ready-made AI text generator templates.

With Copy AI, you can select the type of content you want to create, such as a headline or intro for a blog, as well as a short description. The AI content writing tool will then generate a list of ten options to choose from.

Besides, the API for LinkedIn allows you to pull information about potential customers from their CRM or their LinkedIn profile to create a customized cold contact message that is personalized and written according to copywriting principles.


  • Content customization
  • Connection with CRMs and LinkedIn
  • Product description generation
  • Social media post creation
  • Hashtag generation

Price: The free plan provides access to over 90 AI copywriting tools and ten credits. Paid plans cost $35 per month and include unlimited credits.

5. Rytr

Best AI writers 2023
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Rytr is an artificial intelligence-based writing platform. It offers frameworks for copywriting, templates for writing blogs, and use cases for creating product descriptions.

Rytr uses artificial intelligence technology to create high-quality content quickly and easily. The easy-to-use interface makes it easy to get started, even for users with no experience writing content using artificial intelligence.

In addition, Rytr’s chat feature allows people to write commands based on prompts to create specific content that can be easily added to the long-form editor.


  • Long text writing
  • Post generating
  • 40+ templates and use cases
  • 20 different tones of voice
  • Simple interface
  • Multi-language support

Price: A free plan is available to generate 5k words per month. A paid subscription costs $9 per month and $29 for unlimited use.

6. QuillBot

Best AI writers 2023
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QuillBot, a comprehensive AI-driven writing tool, encompasses an array of features for text transformation. Its paraphrasing capabilities utilize advanced natural language processing to provide synonym suggestions, context-aware rephrasing, and sentence restructuring.

Beyond paraphrasing, it includes tools like summarization, grammar checking, and language translation. With support for multiple languages, an intuitive interface, and a plagiarism-checking feature, QuillBot aids users in creating content across various contexts. Whether for academic, professional, or creative purposes, QuillBot stands as an invaluable resource, streamlining the writing process and fostering linguistic creativity.


  • Long text writing
  • Simple interface
  • Multi-language support
  • Citation Generator
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Integration into Chrome and Microsoft Word

Price: A free plan is available with 125 words in Paraphraser, limited use of Synonym Slider, 1,200 words in Summarizer, etc. A premium subscription costs from $4.17 per month and comes with unlimited words in Paraphraser, full use of Synonym Slider, 6,000 words in Summarizer, and other extended features.

7. Writesonic

Best AI writers 2023
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Writesonic is an AI writing tool powered by GPT 4 that helps you create SEO-friendly blog posts, landing pages, articles, advertisements, and product descriptions. In total, it offers content creation in more than 50 categories.

Its main advantage can be considered social media posts. Writesonic requires little information to realize that you need a brief description (50 words is enough). The program then generates several variations of content in the category of your choice (Instagram post, blog article, etc.). This method works well if it’s tied to a season, event, or specific offer.


  • 100+ templates
  • Collaborative features
  • Text editor
  • Landing page generator
  • Integrations with Surfer SEO and Zapier
  • Multi-language support

Price: WriteSonic provides a free version with 10,000 words per month. The basic plan costs $16 per month.

8. Article Forge

Best AI writers 2023
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Article Forge is an AI writing software for creating long-form content. Enter a keyword, select basic parameters such as length, and Article Forge will create fresh content.

The advantage of Article Forge is the ability to create a large amount of content at once. You can also check its content on Copyscape and find no plagiarism. It creates original and high-quality content that will quickly help you promote your website in search engines.

Unlike other tools that work with a single model, Article Forge uses several different deep-learning models at once to create better content. However, you will need to work on editing and fact-checking yourself as there are errors in the work.


  • High-quality long text
  • SEO optimization
  • Setting negative or excluded topics that cannot be used
  • Сontent headings generation

Price: Price starts from $27/month.

9. Anyword

Best AI writers 2023
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Anyword is an AI-powered copywriting assistant and text generator that provides predictive performance evaluation. It uses a data-driven approach to create landing pages, advertising copy, blog posts, product ads, and more.

What’s more, it’s possible to train an AI assistant to write texts in the voice of your brand. Anyword features a continuous optimization function so that the text on the website appears to the right audience at the most opportune moment.


  • Performance score
  • Email generator
  • Blog and post generator
  • Advertising text generator

Price: You can use Anyword as a free AI content writer for up to 1,000 words per month. Paid packages range from $79 to $999 per month.

10. Sudowrite

Best AI writers 2023
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Sudowrite is an artificial intelligence program designed for writing short stories and any content that has at least a little bit of a plot. The program focuses on the writing process rather than the details and particulars of a particular piece of writing. Sudowrite provides drafts, suggestions, editing tips, and more for creative and descriptive writing.


  • 1000-word prompt
  • Autocomplete, stylized toolbar sentences
  • “Describe” feature to add more engaging language
  • “Expand” feature to add natural content to slow down the pace of writing sections

Price: Cost from $19 per month for 30,000 words.

11. ClosersCopy

Best AI writers 2023
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ClosersCopy is another AI generative tool that is used for content and marketing writing. It specializes in writing sales and marketing texts, but it’s also great at writing content for blogs using its long-form editor. ClosersCopy’s ability to create and share frameworks means there are even more opportunities and options for using AI to write niche content. Frameworks specifically train ClosersCopy’s AI to perform a particular task.


  • 700+ Frameworks
  • Built-in templates
  • Three different AI algorithms
  • Support for 127 languages

Price: The tool’s price per month of use starts at $49.99/month

Why online text editors and AI writers are a good combination

AI writers have a wide range of applications, such as creating content, translating languages, writing code, creating chatbots for customer support, etc. However, it is important to note that AI writers are not perfect and can create errors or biased content. Human reviewers and ethical standards are often used to ensure the quality and integrity of the generated text. In addition, the generated text needs formatting to be visually appealing.

Therefore, further manipulation of the text takes place in an online text editor. Users usually prefer tools that allow them to work on text together with colleagues or companions using a variety of collaborative features.

In this case, the integration of AI writer and text editor will reduce work time and provide a wide range of text formatting tools not available in text generators. Moreover, complete text editors provide more opportunities for real-time collaboration.

How to use AI writer in the text editor

Let’s look at such an integration using the example of the ChatGPT plugin for ONLYOFFICE.

You can send requests directly in the editor window. The finished text will appear in your document.

Best AI writers 2023

Once the text is added, you can send a request to search for synonyms for selected words, ask to add the meaning of words in comments, or add a link to a resource with additional information.

Best AI writers 2023

Once the text is ready, use all the tools to format it: highlight headings, change the font, add numbered lists, make a table of contents, etc.

To add illustrations, also use AI. It will be able to generate pictures and immediately add them to the place you specify in the document.

Best AI writers 2023

In addition, the plugin offers more useful features such as word analysis, text summary, keyword generation, translation, and more. Find out how to use the new features below:

ONLYOFFICE provides a complete set of tools for the formatting of AI-generated text. Try out ONLYOFFICE editors and their features yourself online or in desktop applications for Windows, Linux, or macOS: