Updates on ONLYOFFICE Open Source Promotion Plan 2023 projects

23 August 2023By Serge

In May 2023, we became part of the Open Source Promotion Plan program and introduced two projects on behalf of our open-source community. Today, we’re excited to share the progress of these projects’ development with you.

Updates on ONLYOFFICE Open Source Promotion Plan 2023 projects


About OSPP

The Open Source Promotion Plan is led by the Open Source Software Supply Chain Promotion Plan at the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Its goal is to engage students globally in enhancing and maintaining open-source software. The program collaborates with open-source communities both locally and internationally, focusing on tasks that improve important open-source software projects.

Our Projects

We have initiated two development projects that not only benefit the open-source community by providing valuable solutions to users but also help students familiarize themselves with the ONLYOFFICE API and environment:

Developing a Macro for Integrating Baidu Search Results into ONLYOFFICE Spreadsheets

The objective of this project is to create a macro for ONLYOFFICE that enables users to easily insert Baidu search results into a spreadsheet. The basic version of the macro has already been tested and proven stable. Additionally, the team of ONLYOFFICE mentors and the committed project participant, Eeshaan Sawant, have collaboratively decided to enhance the macro’s functionality. The advanced macro version will simplify sending multiple search queries simultaneously and populating the spreadsheet with clear and organized results. For more insights, we invite you to read Eeshaan’s blog, where he shares his experience with our project.

Designing an AI Plugin for ONLYOFFICE

The aim of this project is to create a plugin for ONLYOFFICE that enables direct usage of Chinese AI within documents. Lin Jianbo, the enthusiastic participant in this project, has taken charge of developing a plugin that seamlessly integrates Chinese AI functionalities for summarizing, explaining, and translating selected text. Significant progress has been made in successfully implementing these capabilities. Currently, Lin Jianbo is not only enhancing user experience but also actively involved in creating comprehensive plugin documentation. Once this phase is completed, the plugin will be conveniently available in the ONLYOFFICE plugin store for easy installation.

What’s next

Within the realm of the ONLYOFFICE Open Source Promotion Plan 2023 projects, we find ourselves both driven and inspired. Each of our projects is uniquely designed to enhance the user’s interaction with ONLYOFFICE, embodying this shared vision.

As we move forward, our community thrives on collaboration. We extend an invitation to everyone to contribute to technology that empowers us all. With each step, we’re simplifying, enhancing, and making technology more accessible. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for updates on our participation in the OSSP program!