How the Pflasterstube Kaiserslautern helps people using ONLYOFFICE and Mattermost

17 August 2023By Ksenija

A non-profit aid organization Pflasterstube Kaiserslautern integrated ONLYOFFICE Docs with Mattermost to edit documents of care recipients directly within the chat tool. Andreas Keller, head of the Pflasterstube Kaiserslautern, talks about their experience.

How the Pflasterstube Kaiserslautern helps people using ONLYOFFICE and Mattermost

About the Pflasterstube Kaiserslautern

The Pflasterstube Kaiserslautern is a non-profit aid organization in Germany for homeless and people without health insurance. The sponsors are the Malteser Hilfsdienst (relief agency) and the Catholic parish of Heiliger Martin Kaiserslautern.

Around 30 volunteer doctors, nurses and other helpers work here.

How the Pflasterstube Kaiserslautern helps people using ONLYOFFICE and Mattermost
St. Martin’s Church and the parish of St. Martin. Image source:


Andreas Keller tells us that they prefer open-source solutions. On the one hand, for security reasons, and on the other, to adapt the software to their needs.

In addition, the volunteers work from different locations and often on-the-go. ONLYOFFICE Docs as a web-based application was therefore an ideal solution for the Pflasterstube Kaiserslautern.

Seamless integration with Mattermost

The organization has been using Mattermost for many years as an excellent chat tool for teamwork. Especially useful for them is the ability to involve the volunteers from different teams with different thematic channels.

With ONLYOFFICE, members of a chat channel can now edit documents simultaneously. In the Pflasterstube Kaiserslautern, an individual channel is used for each person cared for, in which the responsible helpers exchange information about this person in real time. Doctors, nurses and other helpers can edit the corresponding documents directly in the chat tool.

Effective teamwork and reliability

Andreas Keller reports that during a planning phase several users working from different locations are able to edit a document simultaneously. This has increased creative teamwork significantly.

Besides, several helpers often work on the same file. ONLYOFFICE effectively prevents text parts from being lost. This is something that Pflasterstube Kaiserslautern greatly appreciates, because in the past they had unfortunately experienced loss of information due to accidental overwriting with cloud solutions connected to locally installed applications.

Last but not least, ONLYOFFICE is easy to use and does not require a long training period.

Andreas Keller, head of the Pflasterstube Kaiserslautern:

With ONLYOFFICE, we were able to significantly improve collaboration between volunteers, especially when it comes to documenting patients. We warmly recommend ONLYOFFICE to all organizations where multiple users need to access and edit the same documents at the same time.