How to plan your vacation easily with ONLYOFFICE: user testimonial

27 July 2023By Ksenija

In this article, our user from Germany Frederik Berg talks about how ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud help him plan trips with friends.

How to plan your vacation easily with ONLYOFFICE: user testimonial

A brief intro

Frederik Berg hosts a Nextcloud server which he uses in combination with ONLYOFFICE to plan vacations with his family and friends, among other things.

Frederik lives in Aachen and studied automation technology at the RWTH (Rhine-Westphalia Technical University), but originally comes from Hanover.

Trip planning via Internet is especially practical in this case, since it is not so easy to meet on site for preparations.


Frederik found out about ONLYOFFICE at the RWTH, which is also connected to Sciebo (the cloud for universities in the North Rhine-Westphalia German state). Here, ONLYOFFICE is used to enable collaborative document editing.

Good compatibility with Microsoft Office formats is a particular advantage. Frederik also liked the good performance and decided to integrate ONLYOFFICE into his Nextcloud and found it great.

A single click on a document opens it directly in ONLYOFFICE Docs. And it is easy to insert links to other Nextcloud pages in the files, so that one click will redirect to them.

Most needed features

Frederik finds real-time editing of spreadsheets and presentations and the simple and user-friendly design particularly useful.

With ONLYOFFICE, he has already successfully planned vacations and carried out calculations in order to transparently list and share the costs to all participants. In this way, an overview of all important planning points is permanently available to everyone.

Frederik also made a screen recording showing how he uses ONLYOFFICE for trip planning (in German):


Final word

Frederik Berg would recommend ONLYOFFICE to others because, as an open-source software with a strong development base, it provides a good alternative to Microsoft Office or Google Docs, where data protection plays a crucial role.

For me, Nextcloud in combination with ONLYOFFICE has greatly simplified vacation planning with family and friends. I come from Hanover, but moved to Aachen for my studies. For planning purposes, it is therefore difficult to meet together locally. With ONLYOFFICE, we can collect ideas together in one document online and write down important data, for example about the chosen accommodation, so that it is available to everyone. The costs for the vacation can also be planned excellently in this way and listed transparently for everyone.

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