ONLYOFFICE partners with Emakin: unparalleled flexibility for document collaboration

22 June 2023By Ksenija

Meet our technology partner Emakin, a globally recognized software powerhouse, which integrated ONLYOFFICE into their contract management solution to facilitate document collaboration for their customers.

ONLYOFFICE partners with Emakin: unparalleled flexibility for document collaboration

About Emakin

Emakin is a globally recognized software powerhouse established in 2010, revolutionizing the landscape of business application development. Their innovative platform is tailored to empower not just developers, but individuals from all backgrounds, enabling them to bring ideas to life with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

As a trusted provider of cutting-edge business solutions, Emakin caters to esteemed organizations spanning diverse sectors, including finance, insurance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and education. Their expansive reach extends across key markets worldwide, ensuring the impact is felt on a global scale.

Central to Emakin’s success is an extensive ecosystem of certified business partners spanning the globe. The company firmly believes in the power of collaboration and views its partners as integral extensions of the Emakin family.

Partnering with ONLYOFFICE

In addition to providing a Low-Code Process Management platform, Emakin offers a range of vertical products tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients. Thus, their advanced contract management solution is one such product designed to streamline and simplify the entire lifecycle of contracts, empowering businesses to efficiently manage, track, and optimize their contractual agreements.

To facilitate collaboration and track changes during the contract preparation stage, Emakin has chosen to integrate ONLYOFFICE into their solution.

The main reason behind Emakin’s decision was the flexibility and capability of ONLYOFFICE in terms of document editing and support of MS formats. ONLYOFFICE is one of the few products in the market that supports the WOPI protocol.  

Besides, ONLYOFFICE’s intuitive interface and robust collaboration features have significantly expedited the process, saving valuable development time.

Selahattin Bostanci, Head of Business Development at Emakin:

ONLYOFFICE stands out in the market as an exceptional solution, offering unparalleled flexibility for document editing and collaboration, coupled with outstanding support.