How ONLYOFFICE’s reseller Dhorde provides clients with a better document collaboration solution

6 June 2023By Mona

Dhorde is a Chinese company that provides global software and information technology services. Using ONLYOFFICE Docs, they can facilitate better document collaboration for their clients. Jillian, channel manager in Dhorde, shared their experience with us.

How ONLYOFFICE’s reseller Dhorde provides clients with a better document collaboration solution

About Dhorde

Dhorde, a gold partner of ONLYOFFICE in China, is a global software and information technology service provider founded in 2017. They offer the best international software development products and services as well as complete solutions for industry informatization.

Company’s portfolio includes a selection of outstanding software tools, digital processes, analytics, collaboration and decision making in the supply chain, elimination of data silos, and improvement of data quality and data systems.

How ONLYOFFICE’s reseller Dhorde provides clients with a better document collaboration solution

Image source: Dhorde


Dhorde learned about ONLYOFFICE from the Internet. They were looking for a powerful and stable product with timely support to help their clients with document collaboration, and they decided to choose ONLYOFFICE Docs. Now Dhorde can provide their clients with perfect solutions that meet all their needs.

Most useful features of ONLYOFFICE for them:

  • Collaborative editing: ONLYOFFICE has a powerful collaborative function that supports real-time co-editing, review, and audio and video conferences. Teams can edit files online and modify them while discussing, which greatly improves the efficiency.
  • Format conversion: When sharing and viewing documents, the team often need to convert document formats. With ONLYOFFICE, they can convert more than 40 commonly used formats for free without downloading additional format converters.
  • Document access management: When using ONLYOFFICE to share documents, they can set the user’s access rights to the document: read-only, comment, review, edit, etc., to protect the document from being leaked or tampered with.

Jillian, channel manager in Dhorde:

ONLYOFFICE has helped solve customers’ problems with document collaborative editing, format conversion and document access management. I’m more than glad to recommend ONLYOFFICE to other people.

Dhorde is also using ONLYOFFICE internally. The most convenient feature for them is online collaborative editing, which greatly saves communication time and improves efficiency.

Experience as an ONLYOFFICE reseller

Dhorde provides ONLYOFFICE Docs to their clients from finance, automobile, insurance, medical care, and product manufacturing industries. It is very important to choose a solution that is safe and convenient for teamwork.

We are honored to be a reseller of ONLYOFFICE in China. ONLYOFFICE is very professional and actively cooperates with us. For the questions and doubts we have, ONLYOFFICE can always give feedback immediately and solve them in time. At the same time, ONLYOFFICE is a good listener to our opinions and the best partner in our cooperation.

Dhorde states that despite they encountered some technical problems, each of them was quickly responded and resolved. Overall, Dhorde and their clients are very satisfied with ONLYOFFICE.