How Mailhappen uses ONLYOFFICE for event organization

8 June 2023By Alina

Mailhappen uses ONLYOFFICE Docs to seamlessly work and collaborate on documents for the events they organize in Malaysia. Yeak Nai Siew, Chief Technology Officer, talks about their experience.

How Mailhappen uses ONLYOFFICE for event organization

About Mailhappen 

Mailhappen is a company that offers email and data storage solutions for businesses. They specialize in Zimbra Professional Services, have expertise in Linux and deploying Open Source Software.

In 2019, Mailhappen launched a cloud email service called Big Bang for companies in Malaysia. This led to a significant project where they deployed 20,000 mailboxes for a State Government. Since then, they have successfully deployed many more projects either on-premise or in private cloud environments.

To ensure email security, Mailhappen has partnered with Sorbsecurity, a strategic collaboration that enables them to provide safe email services to their customers. They have also chosen TrueNAS storage to meet their goal of offering large disk quotas for email. TrueNAS incorporates copy-on-write snapshot technology, which helps prevent ransomware attacks.

In 2023, ONLYOFFICE has been incorporated into Zimbra 10 as a document editor.

How Mailhappen uses ONLYOFFICE for event organization


Mailhappen found ONLYOFFICE Docs in the Nextcloud Hub software suite and were impressed with its ease of installation and use. They highlighted that the ONLYOFFICE Editors’ clean design and compatibility with MS Office documents were the key points, which led them to abandon the use of LibreOffice.

Yeak Nai Siew, CTO at Mailhappen Sdn Bhd:

Before, we used LibreOffice. And now we settle on ONLYOFFICE for all staff.

Top 3 ONLYOFFICE features the Mailhappen team enjoys the most:

  • Full compatibility with Microsoft Office documents;
  • Quick Docker installation and deployment;
  • Easy to use for end users.

Event management 

Mailhappen team shared with us that they planned an entire event with the use of ONLYOFFICE. The event is dedicated to email security, ransomware prevention, efficient backup strategies and the power of Zimbra. It will be held in Malaysia on the 13th of June. You can learn the details and register here.

All the event documentation was created with ONLYOFFICE tools. They used Document Editor to create an invitation to the event. Mailhappen team could easily conduct calculations of their product’s cost in ONLYOFFICE Spreadsheets. They used ONLYOFFICE Presentation Editor to prepare slides for the product introduction.

How Mailhappen uses ONLYOFFICE for event organization

The best thing is that the team could share all the documents with each other and update them online together. It greatly improved collaboration and facilitated the process of the event organization.

The next event that Mailhappen plans to organize will focus on productivity suites introduction, including ONLYOFFICE products.

We like to introduce good Open Source Software to our customers. ONLYOFFICE is one of them.

Stay tuned!