ONLYOFFICE opens a new branch in Belgrade, Serbia

4 April 2023By Ksenija

Great news! Along with our headquarters in Latvia, we are launching a new department in the mainland Europe, namely in the capital of Serbia. Read on for more details.

ONLYOFFICE opens a new branch in Belgrade, Serbia

Development hub in Europe

We have officially opened a branch in Belgrade, Serbia to expand our development group for ONLYOFFICE integrations and look for new talents. This way we are broadening our international team in the place which represents an important crossroad between Europe, Asia and Africa.

Please find below the contact info of our new home in Belgrade:

Business name: Ascensio Systems d.o.o

Address: Stevana Filipovića 113, Čukarica, Beograd, 11030

Alex Bannov, Director of Ascensio Systems d.o.o:

We take a certain pride in enabling secure and flexible office solutions that are very much in contrast to those offered by the tech giants of this world. Development of open-source apps is not something isolated. On the contrary, it follows transparent and community-based ideas. So, we are glad to broaden our integrations development team in Serbia and cooperate with new talents, including local ones and those from Europe, Asia and Africa.

Welcoming new talents in Serbia

The general mission of our company is to bring the most innovative web office apps to everyone. ONLYOFFICE employees in more than 30 countries and a wide community of contributors all over the world united by the common goal are already working on it.

Therefore, Ascensio Systems d.o.o announces new job openings in Belgrade: developers and technical writers are welcome to apply. And we are also looking for sales representatives. Please send us your CVs via

As a rule, we adopt remote and hybrid working models, with all employees working remotely from preferred locations with regular in-person meetings in a collaborative space.

Upcoming events

To support the launch of our new office location in Serbia, we participate in several local IT events in Belgrade.

On April 7–8, you can meet our team to discuss any questions and ideas on CODEstantine 7, the largest conference for experienced developers in southern Serbia. There, you can also look for our flyers and branded stuff in the participants’ Goodie Bags.

What’s more, on the official CODEstantine website, you can check our job openings for the region:

Besides, ONLYOFFICE takes part in the TMRW Conference on May 12–14, the largest emerging tech event in Europe.

On May 4, we are also planning to hold a free webinar to present ONLYOFFICE to all interested users. In the webinar, we will cover the topic of switching from MS Office due to security concerns and vendor lock-in. You will learn how to save company budget and protect confidential corporate data using ONLYOFFICE.


Open for partnerships

Sustainable growth of ONLYOFFICE worldwide would be impossible without its network of partners and resellers who help integrate, customize, localize, and distribute collaborative solutions in every corner of the world.

We are open to partnership in both development and solution provider sectors, offering collaboration on fair grounds with companies who are ready to customize, integrate, implement, resell, and provide technical assistance with ONLYOFFICE.

Galina Goduhina, Commercial Director at ONLYOFFICE:

Our constantly growing network of partners, resellers and integrators helps us bring high-quality office software to the existing corporate ecosystems all over the world. Join our worldwide agents, grow your customer base and make a profit.