How to print PowerPoint presentations

7 April 2023By Vlad

Want to have duplicates of your slides on paper? Read this comprehensive guide on printing out PowerPoint presentations and details that you should bear in mind to be happy with the results.

How to print PowerPoint presentations

PPTX is a native Microsoft presentation format. However, you don’t have to use the Microsoft’s office package for working with this file type. You can print PowerPoint presentations in free office suites, such as ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors.

Preview your PowerPoint presentation before printing

Print preview is a useful feature that allows you to see what your PPTX file will look like after printing. Use it to get the best results at the first attempt, which would significantly reduce paper consumption.

Previewing slides before printing is currently available in ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors, a free desktop client for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Just go to the File tab and choose Print. Alternatively, you can access the printing settings by clicking the Print file icon in the upper left corner of the program interface or using the Ctrl+P key combination.

How to print PowerPoint presentations

1. Print range 

Choose the desired range of slides that you need on paper. You can print the current slide only, all slides in your PPTX file, or define the custom ranges by entering the corresponding slide numbers.

How to print PowerPoint presentations

2. Paper size

By default, the ONLYOFFICE editor uses the A4 format, 21 cm x 29.7 cm. If you wish, you can select another format for your presentation, from A0 to A6, and even establish a custom page size.

How to print PowerPoint presentations

When you’re sure that all parameters are correct, just click the Print button.

Print your PowerPoint presentation right away

Another useful feature that you might find helpful is Quick print. It is available starting from version 7.3 of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors and initiates printing at the default settings within seconds. The corresponding button is located in the upper left corner of the program interface, next to the Print file option.

How to print PowerPoint presentations

Note: Quick print is available on Windows and Linux

ONLYOFFICE editors for presentation printing

Download ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors for your operating system for free or access the ONLYOFFICE suite in the cloud to be able to print PowerPoint slides using Quick print.