How Lehnert & Wieners creates error-free advertising texts with ONLYOFFICE

30 March 2023By Ksenija

Lehnert & Wieners from Hamburg, Germany, uses ONLYOFFICE Docs in combination with Nextcloud to edit texts effectively. Managing Director Florian Wieners talks about the company’s experiences of using the tool.

How Lehnert & Wieners creates error-free advertising texts with ONLYOFFICE

About Lehnert & Wieners

Founded in 2003 by Gabriela Lehnert (formerly Wieners), Hamburg-based editorial office Lehnert & Wieners offers customers from advertising, media and industry the highest quality and efficiency when it comes to communicating in a linguistically correct and target group-oriented manner. The company’s core competences include producing advertising texts and translations in many different languages.

How Lehnert & Wieners creates error-free advertising texts with ONLYOFFICE
The Lehnert & Wieners office in Hamburg. Image source:


Florian Wieners says the company opted for ONLYOFFICE because it enabled their team to edit texts in the browser rather than on their local PCs. They have been following this approach for years as it allows multiple employees and/or freelancers to work quickly and easily on large and demanding projects simultaneously.

This approach was made possible thanks to the seamless integration of ONLYOFFICE into Lehnert & Wieners’ project management system and its Nextcloud instance. Since the company already uses an in-house solution for PDF editing, it was only logical to introduce the same technique for open text documents.

Critical features

Florian Wieners tells us that the team actively uses ONLYOFFICE templates within Nextcloud. When inputting the job, these templates are a convenient way of displaying all the information end users need to revise texts, enabling Lehnert & Wieners to transfer the approved texts to their customers’ content management system. Thanks to the conversion into a regular Office document, end users can track which changes the Lehnert & Wieners editors have made and included in the CMS.

In the ticket system the team uses to manage its workload, file locations used to be entered manually. That meant that employees had to search the file system for each job, which was extremely time-consuming, especially with multiple small tasks. Now, the relevant document can be opened immediately in ONLYOFFICE Docs simply by clicking a link.

Lehnert & Wieners reports that it has faced some difficulties using special characters in ONLYOFFICE. Further improvements are planned to solve this issue.

Florian Wieners, Managing Director:

We’ve already used ONLYOFFICE in several projects. During a recent job, our editors had to edit several contract documents under great time pressure. It was very helpful that they could all see what their colleagues were changing in real time. This is extremely important for us in ensuring maximum consistency in our corrections.