How association GRE’SY has improved document management with ONLYOFFICE Docs Cloud

16 February 2023By Dasha

GRE’SY, a non-profit organization, uses ONLYOFFICE Docs Cloud integrated into Nextcloud in its administrative work. Read on to find out why they chose ONLYOFFICE and how they use it.

How association GRE’SY has improved document management with ONLYOFFICE Docs Cloud

About the organization

GRE’SY is a small organization, similar to the Emmaüs movement initiated by Abbé Pierre, practicing the recovery, refurbishment, and resale of donated materials. The association resumes the process of collecting, sorting, storing, and redistributing clothing, lingerie, and shoes instead of sending all collections abroad.

Since the entire process takes place within a region of France, it allows the creation of new jobs at every stage of recycling. For example, they create jobs to:

  • collect the dons from their collection centers located between Grenoble and Chambéry (driver-deliverers);
  • manage the stocks (handling, tidying, and storage) in industrial areas that they have renovated (logistics);
  • sort according to quality to define what to do with the collected clothes;
  • modify and customize clothes (sewing);
  • recycle clothes into textile rags;
  • resell in their local stores (shop assistant).

Thanks to volunteers and several sponsors, GRE’SY produces very significant results. It has processed 400 tons of textile waste in 2022. This recycling reduces waste, finances 25 employees today, and has enabled it to help 44 people find sustainable employment. Moreover, they have opened 7 stores after 6 years of activity.

Having team members working throughout the region, in various industrial areas, in 7 stores, or at home (teleworking), the association has organized document shares and mailboxes in the Nextcloud cloud, which is managed by one of the volunteers. For collaborative work on documents (logistics, volunteer management, etc.), Nextcloud offers several solutions including ONLYOFFICE Docs.


The GRE’SY team was looking for a reliable tool, easy to use in a collaborative way to allow several people to work on the same document, compatible with several formats, and integrated into their cloud. The documents should be hosted in their own cloud, as well as emails, calendars, and contacts, to control access to the data and ensure its sustainability.

At first, they tried free solutions integrated into Nextcloud to reduce the costs of the association and thus promote the development of the activity and the creation of jobs. Not being satisfied, they have decided to try ONLYOFFICE allowing them to work easily with LibreOffice documents sent by the French government and with Microsoft Office documents sent by the partners.

Besides, ONLYOFFICE Docs Cloud appealed to the lack of need to manage updates and overload the server.

Advanced document collaboration

Previously, the team had used another collaboration tool. The migration went very well, in particular, thanks to ONLYOFFICE’s perfect compatibility with LibreOffice and Microsoft Office formats.

ONLYOFFICE allowed to control access to the data without changing their habits, what the association wanted. Before, the GRE’SY members were forced to accept to store their documents with external providers to work in collaborative mode (for example, Google Drive). If for any reason an employee or volunteer was no longer operational (illness, accident, etc.), they could encounter major difficulties in recovering some of the data (e.g. no possibility to reset access to the account).

Collaborative work with data stored on the GRE’SY cloud ensures permanent and secure access to the data. This is very important for the sustainability of the association.

Here are also the functions for which the team uses ONLYOFFICE editors:

  • collaborative editing of tables: volunteer attendance and planning, organization of sales teams, inventory, etc.;
  • preparation of communication campaigns (presentations);
  • preparation of correspondence: invoices, exchanges with the suppliers, etc.

Robert Reynaud, Founder and President of the association GRE’SY:

ONLYOFFICE has proven to be an excellent product, and we will recommend it to our employees.