What’s new in ONLYOFFICE editors in 2022?

6 December 2022By Vlad

This year, we’ve released three updates of our editors with long-awaited features and bug fixes. Let’s take a look back at the progress of ONLYOFFICE Docs in 2022.
What’s new in ONLYOFFICE editors in 2022?

Version 7.0: OFORMs and spreadsheet protection

In January, we held a big and highly engaging online conference dedicated to ONLYOFFICE Docs 7.0 with a new document type — fillable forms. Here are the most important functionalities from the update.

Forms. New formats — OFORM and DOCXF — for easy filling out document templates online or editing them. Currently, we offer dozens of templates for free in our OFORM gallery.

Spreadsheet protection. Sensible data in your spreadsheets became more secure with passwords for an XLSX file, a separate sheet or a specified range. Additional security measures are hiding formulas and locking cells.

Animations. Besides the new Transitions tab for choosing a smooth change between slides in a presentation, we added the support of animations. From the following version 7.1, animations can be added to text and objects.

Enhanced collaboration. With a version history in spreadsheets, you can easily track the progress in a document and restore any version. Plus, comments became sortable by author or from newest to older ones.

Dark mode. This option contributes to a comfortable work on documents even in poorly illuminated rooms. Now we have 2 variations of this theme — Dark and Dark Contrast.

Check all updates in this blog post or watch the overview:


Version 7.1: PDF reader, ARM support, and print preview

Released in May, version 7.1 enhanced the functionality of all editors and approached many feature requests. These are just some of them below.

PDF reader. Easy navigation in a PDF document, as well as free conversion to an editable DOCX with minimal impact on content. Today, you can change document formats online using our free converter.

ARM support. ONLYOFFICE Docs can be installed on devices with the ARM architecture that offers high performance, energy efficiency and integrated security.

Print preview. Take a look at the layout of a spreadsheet before it’s printed out.

Check all updates in this blog post or watch the overview:

Version 7.2: Plugin marketplace, ligatures, new form fields

The last big upgrade in 2022 included major features that encourage new improvements in the following year. Version 7.2 introduced numerous functionalities for developers and the optimized integration API.

Plugin manager. Before version 7.2, plugin installation was a time consuming and complicated process. But with a new installation manager, you get an add-on for ONLYOFFICE Docs in a couple of clicks!

Ligatures. The updated font engine supports more scripts, including ligatures that allow merging multiple symbols into one and hence the support of new languages.

New form fields. Now you can require phone numbers, email addresses, and build custom complex fields.

OLE spreadsheets. XLSX workbooks can be shared in a text document.

Paste special. Choose exactly what you want to paste to a cell — a formula, text without formatting, etc.

Check all updates in this blog post or watch the overview:

Plus, ONLYOFFICE Docs is now available as a SaaS solution. With this deployment model, we host, maintain, and update the editors for you – say goodbye to hosting troubles!

New versions of mobile apps (iOS & Android)

Our mobile editors have also been significantly enriched with important functionalities.

Documents for iOS. Among the top features that appeared in ONLYOFFICE Documents for iPhones and iPads this year are handwriting recognition, document protection, customizable shapes, regional settings for spreadsheets, and authentication with Apple ID and Microsoft.

Documents for Android. For smartphones and tablets that run on Android, we added Mobile View, shape filling, password protection, and regional settings for spreadsheets.

What about free desktop editors?

Our desktop app for Windows, Linux, and Mac obtained almost every feature from the online editors. Additionally, you can integrate the app with kDrive and Liferay.

Let us know in the comments, what features you’d like to have in ONLYOFFICE Docs in 2023.